Education + Opportunity = Success!

Every successful venture requires regular care & feeding. Ginger is the pro you want.

Take advantage TODAY of the offers below. Since Everything Is Possible, this is a short list of our services.
You’ll learn, re/invigorate, adapt, and improve your messaging, business prosperity and communications. The added value of inspiration, humor and enthusiasm come free with every engagement.

You Choose:

  • Hire Ginger as a consultant: Here’s what needs to be done, hire her to do it.
  • Hire Ginger as a coach: Here’s what you need to do. Let her guide you through it.

Guided instructed independence is part of the resulting progress.


Thank you so much for sharing your insights on Customer Service. As mentioned and “wow,” you covered a lot of territory in two hours.  Very impressive! Bobbi and I both received many positive comments after the meeting, mostly related to, “Ginger kept it moving and were exactly on point regarding customer service and the customer experience.
Mark Miller, DuPont Corporate Real Estate Manager, Johnston IA

Audiences expect and deserve engaging presenters.

Effective speakers present, educate, and provoke thought and action. Ginger is all of that + infectious energy.

Here’s one example: her TED talk.

Hiring Ginger to address and speak at your business meetings, keynote addresses, conventions, banquets, fundraising events, organization happenings, and private occasions. It’s one of the best investments you’ll make all year. You’ll be happy and your colleagues will thank you for it too.

YES!! Not *yawn*……

She’s spoken to audiences and groups ’round the North American continent and is available to come to you.


  • Keynote Address
  • Seminars & Classes
  • Meeting Facilitation
  • Panel Moderation & Panel Participation

All related travel & supply expenses are added onto fees

Payment due in full, in advance to reserve the date.

Contact Ginger today: 515.450.7757
Everything Is Possible.

The School of Business at Southern Oregon University had the fortune of inviting Ginger Johnson from Women Enjoying Beer to be a guest speaker at our business leadership lecture series. While addressing 100 of our students and faculty Ginger spoke with enthusiasm and knowledge. Ginger is an example of how to succeed in business and life.

Byron Marlowe, Sr. Instructor / Program Coordinator, S OR University, Ashland OR

Ginger Johnson Speaking at Left Hand Brewing

Ginger working with Chef Matt on menu development

Marketing Consultation & Coaching

Marketing is communication. And every smart business needs regular check-ups to ensure staying True To Brand.

  • Who are your clients? Where are your customers finding and seeing you? And why do they – and don’t they – buy from you?
  • How, where, when and why is your message coming across?

Business requires you to know where, when, how and why your customer is looking at you – or isn’t.

Together we evaluate all your marketing platforms and discuss strategy and tactics to improve your efforts and investment. Strategy (the skeleton) and Tactics (muscles to move your plans) are developed as primary takeaways to use immediately.


  • Multi day, full day, half day & quarterly programs available
  • Marketing Coach, includes one longer monthly call/meeting + weekly check-in progress calls

All related travel & supply expenses are added onto fees

Payment due in full, in advance to reserve the date.

Discovery Session

My head is still running, days after my first Discovery Session with Ginger Johnson. In an intimate discussion, she asked all the right questions, got me thinking about my business in a whole new light, and offered several helpful suggestions to get me on the right track to future successes. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, I highly recommend a session with Ginger! Do it! You can thank me later. – Sabrah Maple, Graphic Designer, Jacksonville OR

One of our most requested services, The Discovery Session is a big productive think-out-loud brainstorming consultation.

  • You’ve got something on your mind – marketing, customer relations, how to move your business forward, how to be a better speaker…any number of things!
  • You want help talking it out with a very open-minded and creative business thinker: Ginger.

We meet for 1 – 2 hours to talk about anything you want. You can audio record the session to return to the session & everything we discussed over and over – its evergreen content you get to keep forever, to use over and over as it helps you in your endeavors.

These sessions will generate tuns of idea for you to takeaway, to immediately improve your efforts and investments.

All related travel & supply expenses are added onto fees, if travel is an element in our working together

Payment due in full, in advance to reserve the date.

“Ginger recently lead a Brainstorming training tailored for our branch staff meeting. Ginger was well prepared, entertaining, and – as always – enthusiastic.  Thank you Ginger!”

Karen CruiseYouth & Shelter Services, Ames IA

“The [marketing] consult was the best session I had at the Craft Brewers Conference, one on one with you, and specifically focused.” 

Russ KlischCo-Founder, Lakefront Brewing, Milwaukee WI

“Thank you so much for speaking at Science Pub last night. You are a really great presenter and as is evidence by the evaluations below, our audience thought so too. We had approximately 150 people total at the event.” 

Andrea MiddletonEvents Manager, OMSI, Portland OR

Seminars, Classes & Demos

Interactive education is one of Thee Most Powerful and effective tools for teaching and learning anywhere.

Live instruction and active education is one of Gingers’ biggest strengths and skills. Learning – not lecturing – is the energetic and happily infectious style in her workshop, demo and class events.

Areas of Expertise include marketing, branding, the customer experience, sessions based on Ginger’s marketing book, edutainment – both internal and external engagements.

Clients for these classes include  Texas Restaurant Association, SBDC, Ladyface Alehouse, and Central Washington University + private business clients.

Highly productive, fun and energizing, you’ll jump back into your work with renewed purpose, focus, knowledge and initiative.

All related travel and supply expenses added to fees

Payment due in full, in advance to reserve the date.

Call Ginger at 515.450.7757

Everything Is Possible