Connecting Strategies Webinar :: Live with Ginger & Special Guest

Thursday, August 20th at 1pm Pacific | 4pm Eastern

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Developing Leaders Into World-Class Connectors all about creating and developing meaningful relationships, with the intent to serve someone else. Learning why and how to connect with other people is key and core to progress.

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What Our Clients Are Saying...

Ginger was our Channel Partner’s Call guest and she immediately engaged the team with her energy and enthusiasm. As the connectivity expert that she is; Ginger walk us through her 1st step to connect with is knowing your WHY. We learned from her own experience how to design our purpose organization chart which visually opened our awareness of the importance to start by understanding YOU. In just one hour, Ginger was able to ignite our interest to revisit our LinkedIn profile and business solutions so that we express to the world our personal purpose with a service leadership mindset.
-Magda Vargas Battle, CEO, Great People Inside Corp.

Ginger Johnson was this year’s most well-received speaker. The energy that she brought to our event was incredible! Our attendees connected with her immediately and enthused repeatedly about how memorable and energetic that her presentation was. She was the perfect speaker to conclude our day of development and inspiration as she infected our attendees with her enthusiastic attitude. We would highly recommend Ginger Johnson for other speaking engagements or events.
- Kendra Ziler, Wyoming Women’s Expo Organizational Committee

Ginger's Connecting Tools + LinkedIn class really helped me to shift from an abstract idea of presenting myself on LinkedIn to a grounded vision with actionable steps. Her guidance simplifies the nuances of such things as choosing a title, choosing a picture, leading with the skills and capacities that you most wish to share with the world, and making it all personable. Not only is her class rich with material, but also fun and engaging. Her extensive tools and experience sparkled with her playful presence make her such a gem to work with! 
- Carley Corrado, PhD.,, Coaching Client

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