Day One


(yes, this means today…right now):

  1. Choose one person you love – someone you’ve not been in touch with or talked to for more than a year. Choose a friend, family member, colleague, client, service person you appreciate – whomever you feel strong positive emotions for.
  2. Write and send them an email asking them: What are you up to? How are you staying healthy? What are you focused on that I can support and how?
  3. This exercise implements a core connectors trait: curiosity. Connectors (you!) are interested in others, more so than the focus being on us being interesting. (the Canon has more traits – you may want to get your own copy, here & now).
  4. Record their reply. Juice = be patient. No judgement on who replies and who doesn’t, when or how. It’s all about the exercise for you taking action to connect.

      FYI: when I write “juice” it means the lesson or key to the situation.

  1. If they reply and ask you the same or similar questions in return, go for it! Tell them what you’re up to. Mutual engagement is powerful and this exercise is very telling in our relationships.


Make sure you record this first Exercise on your Guidelog.

Go to the blog tomorrow (& everyday) for Day 2 #10DayConnectingChallenge.

Reserve time in your calendar each day to complete your Challenge Exercise & record it.

What gets scheduled, happens.

So glad you’re skilling up with me.

Now is always the best time to learn and practice.

It’s a joy & honor to be your teacher for better human connection skills, tools, strategies and tactics.

See you tomorrow for Day 2.

Be well, keep connecting.


p.s. Are you part of a team? Do this as a team to grow together.