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Here’s the whole scoop for this Challenge + Day 1

Day 2


Today’s effort promotes the classic connecting communication: writing.

That’s right (and write!), you’re charged with writing a letter to someone you value.

Here are your exercise instructions for today:

1. Choose someone you’ve not connected or communicated with for quite a while. Think: a year+

Stage your envelopes to get you going.

2. Address the envelope (no postcards for this exercise) to the person, put the stamp and your return address on it. Get your paper ready. Simple’s great – whatever you have on hand – stationary, lined, notebook, blank – what matters is the doing, not the paper.

3. Now, write. Write and inquire about their well-being, what they’ve been up to, what’s been good lately. Engage with your words – here’s an article with some ideas to get you going.

4. Keep the beginning focus on the recipient, then get into an update from you. The other person will likely want to know what you’ve been up to as well. Keep the POW Principle in mind too.

5. Close it, put it in the envelope and then it.

6. Record your effort in your downloadable Guidelog. Tracking your Challenge is key to progress and toward completion.

7. Come back here tomorrow for Day 3 of the #10DayConnectingChallenge to keep growing your skills and boost your connecting confidence.


Mail is magic and an oft forgotten modality for connecting & communicating.

You may find you want to send more than one letter – act on that impulse and go for it! We all love getting whobody mail. It’s mail from somebody versus junk, aka ‘anybody’ mail.

Here’s a really helpful and lovely subscription box company I personally adore for great cards & writing, made easy.


Remember, I’m doing the challenge with you ~ send me any questions you have about it, tell me your victories and enjoy the learning. Tag #10DayConnectingChallenge on Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn with your pictures to encourage others to connect.

Human connection is where we find meaning and purpose in life.

This Challenge helps you help others while helping your fine self too.

See you tomorrow for Day 3!



BONUS: Everyone who accepts the Challenge and completes it* will get a special gift from me as a congrats: complimentary 30-minute live coaching call to discuss anything human connection you want.

*Download the Guidelog pdf here fill in as we go along. Scan & send me an image of the completely filled out 10DCC Guidelog to confirm when you’re done. Once you get that to me, we’ll line up the call.


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