breakthroughs happen

Like the incline control on a treadmill, it’s time to up the ante. Day 6 = incline. Amp the game, push further, more, for greater growth and impact.


Day 6


Here’s our exercise:

1. The world has gone virtual, on a whole new unprecedented level.

2. You’re going to meaningful invite and connect with 10 new people, on every platform you’re on today. Ten. And remember, I’m doing it with you.

3. Meaningfully = putting thought into your invite, welcome, foray into building a new connection.

Here are some helpful guidelines and suggestions I use for success:

  1. One of my primary platforms is LinkedIn. For everyone I’m curious about I view their profile page (yes, I have Premium now – and there are workarounds if you don’t). It’s a professional connecting platform so I’m looking for people doing interesting works I can learn from and potentially support.
  2. They must have a real photo (no avatars or illustrations, kids, pets or scenery). They must have something in their About/Summary space – why would you be on a platform to connect with people if you’re not sharing anything about yourself first!? Those are my two dealmakers. If they have both of those, it’s a green light.
  3. Then, it’s time to personalize the invite. A short note, along these lines:

breakthroughs happen “Hi Anne – You’re doing interesting works and it’d be a pleasure to connect with you here. Curious to learn more about your industry/community/project [whatever fits]. [If there’s a personal connecting point like geographical alignment (where you grew up, etc), you can reference that in a pro way, not chummy.] Thanks for your time and consideration. Be well, Keep connecting (“keep connecting” = specific to me & my expertise; personalize your close), g”

Make your invite meaningful to the recipient. Connectors focus on the value of other people. To simply scroll through the automated boxes of people and click invite doesn’t count – it’s a lazy cop-out. You must be thoughtful and intentional here.

For other platforms like Twitter and Instagram:

1. Be thoughtful as well. Search for people who will stretch you, help you grow your thinking and world. DO NOT look for people exactly like you. It’s a CHALLENGE, my friend 🙂

2. Day 4’s Challenge was to connect with 2 new people on your platforms; we’re adding to that effort and upping the stakes today. Putting on the intentional-lens drives us in new ways.

3. For instance, on Day 4, I started looking around on Twitter, one of the platforms I love, use and have been on a for a (relatively speaking) lone time – 14 yearsish. “Who am I interested in following?” was the start. I literally closed my eyes, gave myself a few minutes of quiet time to consider and then…. realized there are many authors whose work I really appreciate. That brought one name to mind, then another… pretty soon, I had followed my own stream of thinking and followed about 10 new people. All people I’m genuinely interested in learning from and contributing to.

4. Another way to thoughtfully and meaningfully engage with online is to pull up the profile of someone you are already connected with and admire – and see who they follow. I did this as well. Seek people who have varied connections. Variety is more than the spice of life. It’s critical to productive, respectful and civil conversation.


So – you’ve got your marching orders: make 10 new meaningful connections on each of your platforms today.  Reserve the time in your day, set a timer for an hour and go. Have fun, stick to your task: DO NOT let yourself get distracted or off the hook. You’re in charge of that.

Record your observations and breakthroughs in your Guidelog. Remember: everyone who completes the Challenge and can show me the filled in pages from the 10 Days gets a free half hour coaching session with me.

Beyond that bonus – Do This For Yourself. Building community starts one connection at a time, with intention. (And if we’re not connected yet, please invite me to do so ~ that’d be fabulous!)


Go forth, connect virtually, and we’ll see you tomorrow for Day 7.

I’m glad and grateful you’re sticking with it & I’m cheering you on.



If you’re just starting, here’s the jump in post to get you going for the #10DayConnectingChallenge