Day 7



If you’re still doing the work, GOOD FOR YOU!!

Connecting on purpose takes real effort and dedication. I’m cheering you on – keep going. You’re over half way through the challenge. Remember, I’m doing this with you. (p.s. 95%+ of people never complete projects).

Here’s our exercise for Day 7:

1. Prepare to write.

2. Create a list of 1 public official you appreciate, 1 retail worker you appreciate, 1 healthcare pro you appreciate, 1 family member you appreciate, and 1 neighbor you appreciate.

3. Gather supplies – either envelopes and cards, envelopes and paper/stationary, or postcards. Get your stamps and writing utensils prepared, choose a spot to draft. If physical writing is difficult for you, prep a doc on your compute – and draft there.

4. Write the notes and letters of gratitude, to each person. All five of them. Be thoughtful and keep in mind: a note of gratitude is all about THEM. It’s not about us – it’s about what they do, how they do it.

Do this:

“The way you serve our neighborhood to make sure everyone is aware/taken care of is inspiring.” or

“Your dedication to serving our community through your police work is so appreciated.”

NOT this:

“I love the way you do _______.” It’s about how the other person goes forth in the world, not about you (or me).

5. Be sure to mention one very specific reason you’re grateful for them. Close with a sincere “thank you” and sign your first name.

6. Finish by sealing the envelope, affixing the stamp, addressing the note or card; send.

7. Record your progress in your Challenge Guidelog – the 5 names you chose & why would be perfect.

FYI – if you’re seeking a great source of cards and notes delivered right to your door, I highly recommend my friend Anne’s company, Postmark’d Studio. Check it out.


Do you have suggestions to share on how you connect? Tell me in the comments please so I can share with everyone else too. Connectors share. Sharing is an expression of gratitude.

So proud of you and glad you’re joining me for the #10DayConnectingChallenge – keep going! Please share the challenge forward with others – I’m betting other people want to improve their skills, engage & connect better, especially right now.

See you tomorrow for Day 8.

Whatever you do, keep connecting.



Just joining the Challenge? You can start fresh, right here & now.

BONUS: Everyone who accepts the Challenge and completes it* will get a special gift from me as a congrats: complimentary 30-minute live coaching call to discuss anything human connection you want.

*Download the Guidelog pdf now to fill in as we go along. Scan & send me an image of the completely filled out 10DCC Guidelog to confirm. Once you get that to me, we’ll line up the call.