It’s time to Egg somebody on ~

As I write this Day 8 Challenge, it’s Easter Sunday. What a perfect theme!


Here’s our exercise:

1. Think of somebody who you care about and may need a boost of support. Somebody who may need some positive reinforcement, some skilling up, something to read and use to help them in their life.

2. Send them the gift of the Canon – it will help them do all of the above.

3. Go to the order page, buy a copy AND as part of the Challenge, for every one book you buy from someone else, I’ll send another one + shipping to get it to them, free. If you don’t have your copy yet, it should be you! That way you and the recipient can read it together, talk about it together and use it together. You can egg each other on – a sort of Connecting Bookclub gone virtual.

4. When you order, be sure to enter both addresses; you will enter your info as the buyer AND then enter the full name & mailing address of the other person in the (right side) where it prompts “Ship to a different address?” Down just a tad more on the page, there’s a right side box: Order Notes. Put any personalized inscription you want, for either book, in that box. (email me or call me during the weekdays with any questions – I want to make this easy for you).

5. For every one you buy, you can egg somebody else on with a I’m-thinking’of-you book gift. Happiness guru, Gretchen Rubin, shares how giving gifts impacts us too.

Heck, if you want to buy the 12-pack Book Bundle, I’ll do the same thing… 12 for the price of 10, 1 shipping fee for 24 books. Crazy, right?! Well, I love helping so am happy to offer this #10DayConnectingChallenge bonus buy to you and your valued connections.

6. Why am I recommending my own book for you? It’s not to be blatant about selling – it’s because I seriously wrote the book to serve. I know it works because others tell me so.

“I learned so many things after reading Connectivity Canon… my biggest takeaway was realizing there’s a big difference between connecting and networking. I’m a very social person by nature, but it’s never a good thing to consume a conversation and not take the time to listen to the other party. On a personal and professional level, using our listening skills is a big part of not only making connections but keeping them! We learn and grow by becoming more approachable to others. Thank you, Ginger!” – Rhonda Klug, Harry & David, Head of Community Relations

It’s a tactical How-to connect book, applicable right now to help everyone who reads it to learn why and how to connect on purpose. There’s a lot of blank space for you to write in and I hear over and over again from buyers that they love the book, that they USE THE BOOK and re-read it to keep boosting their skills.

7. Record who you bought a gift book for on your Guidelog, for as many as you choose to do it for. FYI – Giving gifts is proven to lift your mood and well-being.


You’ve ALMOST completed the challenge – Keep going. You’re ahead of the vast majority of the pack if you’ve gotten this far, dedicating real time and effort to boosting your connecting skills and practices. I’m sooooo proud of you & cheering you on ~

Here’s the Juice! group last month – 30+ people joined in the lesson + live coaching, all designed to help up connecting Skills.

Be sure to record your thoughts and observations in your Guidelog too. Remember, I’m doing this with you and am finding new discoveries in my own connecting practices and thinkings too. Learning’s powerful juice.

Oh – one other invite today (let’s keep rolling!):

If you want to build more live connections, please join me for the monthly live Connecting Juice!, lessons + Q&A Coaching. Right now it’s a free membership and a great way to meet more new people, doing meaningful work & looking for more meaningful connections like you. Register to join us here. Next date = Thursday April 16th.


Enjoy the day ahead, have fun egging someone (or several someone’s) on and we’ll see you tomorrow, for Day 9.

Be well, keep connecting.



If you’re just joining us, you can start the Challenge with this link, right now.

BONUS: Everyone who accepts the Challenge and completes it* will get a special gift from me as a congrats: complimentary 30-minute live coaching call to discuss anything human connection you want.

*Download the Guidelog pdf to fill in as we go along. Scan & send me an image of the completely filled out 10DCC Guidelog to confirm. Once you get that to me, we’ll line up the call.