Day 9



  • How do you stay inspired, whether during a lock down or with open access to the world?
  • Why do you want to connect with other people to begin with?
  • What’s the value of challenge like this if the whole world has been turned upside down?

If any of these questions resonate with you, you’re exactly the right person to be doing the Challenge. Here’s why.

Today’s exercise – Finding Your Why – is profound. It’s an exercise of deep thinking to get you to really hone in on human connection. The ones you have, the ones you think you want, the ones still to come.

Classic org chart start: you at the top, with tendrils down to indicate areas of focus

Learning your Why will help you learn to answer your own questions. Your why is your own purpose – your personal vision for living the life you want to lead.


Here’s how you find it with our exercise today:

1. Watch these short specific videos. One & Two on what your Why is.

2. Then, watch this video on how to find your why using a classic tool I love – the org chart. Yes, you read it right: an org chart, or organizational chart by its full name, is quite simply remarkable and helpful in determining our Why.

3. Make your own Org Chart. Write it out, get as much as you can on a piece of paper. Give yourself the permission to get messy – write down EVERYTHING (which will make sense once you watch it). That’s the very best way to get started with it.

I can tell you that my first few charts we’re quite colorful and crowded! They were also highly effective because I literally wrote out what was in my head, onto paper so I could organize it.

Caveat: DO NOT do this on an electronic device; it will not be the same or be as effective. It’s scientifically proven that written notes are more impactful that taking notes on a computer. Unless you’re seriously skilled at this, like my friend Hoby, stick with writing. Getting a valued peer or colleague to do it with you is even better – since you can bounce things off of each other and jog ideas.

4. Date this first Org Chart exercise, hang it up somewhere you see it daily and let your juices flow. You’ll find that looking at it every day will help you clarify and weed out, hone in and focus.

Some of my org chart iterations, all dated & kept for reference.

5. When you’re ready to shift what you’ve got written down, aka what you’re focusing on, and get more specific, create another one – start with a fresh sheet, date it and begin anew. Keep your iterations as reference and so you can see your actual progress.

6. Record your completed Org Chart in your Challenge Guidelog plus thoughts and notes you had for this exercise.


We’re almost wrapped on this 10 Day Connecting Challenge. If you’re still here and doing the work, you’re in what we call the high performer mindset. Only a small single digit percentage of people complete online challenges they take (and buy), like 3%. If that’s you PROPS!

Connectors start by examining why they’re living the life they’re living, what it is that’s purposeful and meaningful and joyful to them. It’s an intense exercise to do and that’s why I’m giving you the gift of doing it today, on Day 9.

I love this article by Buffer for all the examples and visuals of different org chart formats too – take a look and use what you like.

You’ve been building your connector muscles – in various ways. It’s supposed to be challenging and thought-provoking. We’ve got one more day to go – so tune in again tomorrow for Day 10 of the Challenge for your last missive.


Remember, I’m doing this with you and cheering you on.

Connectors change the world. So glad and grateful you’re here with me. Thanks.



If you’re just reading this now, you can definitely jump in and do the Challenge – start on this page for full instructions and then follow the prompts.

BONUS: Everyone who accepts the Challenge and completes it* will get a special gift from me as a congrats: complimentary 30-minute live coaching call to discuss anything human connection you want.

*Download the Guidelog pdf and fill in as we go along. Scan & send me an image of the completely filled out 10DCC Guidelog to confirm. Once you get that to me, we’ll line up the call.