with Ginger

Welcome & Props!

For being willing to grow and put some structure to your human connecting efforts.

Plan on doing this together: I’m going to do the same exercises with you, each day.

Teachers should be willing to do what they ask of their students – welcome to class!

Here are your directions for #10DayConnectingChallenge.

  1. Commit to completing the whole thing. Intention is key. Dabblers need not bother.
  2. Download the #10DayConnectingChallenge Guidelog to record your progress. Use it each day to record and check off completed exercises, make notes to yourself and write down any questions you want to ask me. Observations and breakthroughs will happen – have fun writing whatever you like.
  3. Invite one other person to join you too; someone else who wants to learn how to put some serious oomph in their connecting endeavors. They can be your accountability partner ~
  4. Watch for the new daily post, all 10 days, with instructions on the blog.
  5. I’ll also be talking about it and seeking your experiences and inputs as we go through 10 days of active connecting. LinkedIn, Twitter, & Instagram + YouTube will be where I share more. Of course, email works too – whatever you like (FYI – I’m a newbie on Instagram, so please be patient with me as I learn!)
  6. Take pictures of yourself as you go through the challenge and tag them with #10DayConnectingChallenge so we can all see who’s doing what & support each other.
  7. The purpose is your own growth and the reward is intrinsic. Do this because you genuinely want to improve your human connections, which improves your relationships.
  8. I’ll gladly field all questions you have as we go through the challenge. Send them directly to me via email, LinkedIn or Twitter.


BONUS: Everyone who accepts the Challenge and completes it* will get a special gift from me as a congrats: complimentary 30-minute live coaching call to discuss anything human connection you want.

*Download the Guidelog pdf below to fill in as we go along. Scan & send me an image of the completely filled out 10DCC Guidelog to confirm. Once you get that to me, we’ll line up the call.


Okay – LET’S GO!!

Click here to get to Day 1 #10DayConnecting Challenge.

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