10 Tips 10 Days

10 Tips 10 Days for Connectivity

  1. Set a goal. Connect with a set number of people, each day, week, month, year. I set the goal of connecting with 2 – 5 people every week in 2108 and am on a solid track in the doing.
  2. Read. Reading builds expertise, expands your world view, provides conversation starters and fodder and indicates a general curiosity about our world. Readers really like talking with other readers.
  3. Get to know your neighbors. Literally, the people who are the next door down. Apartments, suburbia or country miles…all neighbors are worth considering. For me, they are the bedrock of how I live in my town.
  4. Ditch the pitch. Time to throw out the idea of having a Pitch (aka Elevator speech). It’s outmoded and the asker of questions instead is always the one sought for advice, services and support.
  5. Service talks. Share what you know at Service Clubs. Rotary, Soroptimist, PEO, Kiwanis and so forth. There are a gillion of them, doing great works, who welcome interesting people. Find one to share (aka speak) at and make new connections.
  6. Get out and about. The computer is not real life, nor is any other electronic substitution for in-person interactions. Choose to go, do, see, visit, learn, listen and engage with other people daily.
  7. Connect with all ages of people. Days or decades of age differences in the people you know provide singular insights and vantage points that we can never experience ourselves. Knowing all ages enriches beyond imagination.
  8. Know your value, be connected to it. Knowing this helps determine where we invest out precious time and energy, attention and resources. Get clear, dig into what fits and discard what does not.
  9. Share.
  10. Create the org chart for yourself. Here’s a beginning tutorial I published on this supremely useful exercise.

Okay – there are hundreds. Start here in whatever order you wish. Simply, start.

p.s. I’ve got these 10 tips 10 days published in my LinkedIn stream….have at it!

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