excerpt, Connectivity Canon

Chapter Four: Why & Mindset

continued from previous post…

In my experience, you can draw a direct straight line between practicing an objective, willing and positive attitude and your progress. The realizations of your actions to connect manifest because of mindset; it brings it all to life. Being objective requires a conscious effort to attempt and accept, with the expectations that—whatever unfolds with intention—will help move you forward. Changing how you think about and approach connecting requires you to be genuinely willing to see what can happen.

Next, willingness walks right in to join objectivity. Willingness is the quality in you to be game, to try things out, to “put yourself out there,” as some may say. Out there is where connecting happens. And out there is where you need to be in order for connectivity to happen. It doesn’t occur in the vacuum we call the Internet or on a phone call. It happens in person.

Mindset = Positivity + Objectivity + Willingness

Positivity then waltzes over to join objectivity and willingness to form a trifecta for Mindset. Having an intentionally positive attitude makes willingness and objectivity possible. For example, if you choose to go to an event with an objective mindset, you’ve set the positive in motion. Same with willingness: you’ve purposefully decided to be objective, which needs positivity and willingness to manifest.

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