The Worth Of Your Time

What’s worth doing, and what’s not?

Said another way, what’s worth your time and what’s not?

It was a thought that came out of my August sabbatical, a self-imposed work break I gave myself this year. It was an element of my thinking about and through what I wanted to continue to work on, once August was done.

Playing with my dogs in the snow is definitely worth my time - it's free therapy too.

Playing with my dogs in the snow is definitely worth my time – it’s free therapy too.

Taking a critical look at your time, indeed critiquing where and what you invest your time in is a wise way to look at your way forward.

For example: Does spending half an hour on Facebook or Twitter help get you to where you think you want to be? Is there someone else better suited to do so for you? Do you need to really participate in these formats at all?

As you look at your marketing efforts, goals, endeavors, and choices, I’d encourage you to literally sit back and get critical about your time. Everyone has the same 24/7/365. The lame and tired excuse of “I don’t have time” is a lie. Yes, you do. You have the same amount as I do – you simply get to decide where you spend it.

The way I’m getting a better grip on my time is low tech and effective for me:

  • Printing off monthly calendar sheets, one full year out.
  • Creating a list of where I want to spend and invest my time; all the various activities I want to include.
  • Plugging and planning these things in as it creates new grooves for me to accomplish, parse out and look forward to – avoiding the balled up and crammed feeling we can create for ourselves.
  • Adjusting as needed, though with serious consideration and not willy nilly just because.
  • Use a pencil (if you want a few, I can send you some of mine –  email me…)

Full days go with the territory of having your own business, being in business, and being vested in your vocation. I choose to look at my time as my most valuable commodity and therefore am selfish about it. It’s up to me to manage it, know what it’s worth and therefore map it out before me. I sholder all the credit and the blame for my movements.

Try it: map out your months, list what’s important to you, and plug it all in. Stretch the exercise in a larger range – meaning, don’t even try to fit it all in a week cycle – that’s torture and ridiculous. Find the best patterns of your tasks as they fit with your life, obligations and goals.

I’ve come out the other side of my sabbatical feeling more relaxed and focused. There’s still much for me to sort out and always will be. The point is to give yourself the time to simply think about you and where you’re headed. A big thank you to my coach Mike for encouraging the idea. I may do it annually, or a week at a time every quarter.

What’s worth doing should make you happy and be fruitful.

Living In Your Cobweb

What does your cobweb look like?

Is it one dimensional, where you can move to one spot and see the entire thing like a flat vinyl record album?

Is it few dimensional, with lots of attachments to anchors and still sprawling?

What's your web look like?

What’s your web look like?

Perhaps it’s a cloud looking structure where you can’t determine where it starts, finishes…or even if it does, it’s all simply webby.

Whatever cobweb you’re living in and working in, know what your goal is. Meaning, what kind of cobweb do you want to build? How does it help you out? What does it support – starting with your vision and mission? What doesn’t it support? And if it doesn’t support your efforts, what do you need to rebuild?

Cobwebs are extraordinary things. So are lives. So are careers and business.

As a marketing & consumer expert, I can tell you every person has their own web of their own making. Rarely can someone, with complete honesty and immunity, totally divorce themselves from their web – the one they’re in.

Make your web to fit you and your vision, goals, and expectations. Make it carefully, with thoughtfulness – though don’t stall out and let excuses excuse you from building it.

Mine evolves with change, redirections, happenings…you know, that stuff we call Life. I keep at it though, examining, rebuilding, building, and moving forward.

Just like in the Field of Dreams, if you build it, they will come. Be the spider.

SBDC Workshop Feedback

“Hi Ginger –

Wow, I really enjoyed your SBDC lunch talk last week! Thank you for so many great ideas; the yellow sweater [tip] was particularly memorable, but I also appreciated the reminders about knowing yourself and your why’s, and taking care of yourself. I’m looking forward to receiving the outline of your talk to remind me of other great tidbits.
Thanks again!
Warmly –
Kathy Damas, CHC

Be Light Health Coaching

Playing Second Fiddle

“The most difficult instrument to play well is second fiddle.”

Think of marketing as your fiddle section. The fiddles, also known as violins, are the strong and resonate instruments of your peace: your business.

She hears her fiddler - do you?

She hears her fiddler – do you?

So what do you want your business to communicate? Since marketing is communication, know what you want to share with the world. Your audience should be one of the primary audiences, only after your internal audience.

I like to explain it like this: Marketing should pull people in. In likening it all to fiddles today, think of music that draws you in, makes you want to hear more, sit and listen for a while and perhaps even get up and dance to it. It’s magnetic, it attracts and fascinates you to get involved.

That’s what marketing is.

Fiddle with your marketing. Bring people in – give them a reason to want to be drawn in and to participate in what you’re doing.

Call us to help. We know who’s ready to listen and how to best play for your people.


Love Your Business, Learn Your Business

Love Your Business, Learn Your Business

Personal Workshop & Coaching Series

Ginger Johnson, Business expert, Instructor

To know your business is to love and be successful in it.

Host your own intentionally intimate class for in-planning and brand new businesses of up to 3 years for comprehensive education on these four main foundations business infrastructure:

  • Business Plan & Outline: How do you get started? Create your core plan skeleton (strategy) to build out (tactics) in class.
  • Marketing: Discuss and learn what marketing is, what it isn’t and the various formats; how to use and benefit from the various avenues.
  • Sales: Covering why and what sales really are, learning how to open, what to discuss with clients, and how to close as well as overcoming objections.
  • Media & Press: Learn which press and media members are best for you and why, how to start and build those key relationships, and how they will help your business grow.
Let's get more comfortable with your business.

Let’s get more comfortable with your business.

Class size is limited to 5 to ensure ample time to talk about, weigh and create tangible tactics for attendees to apply right away. Lots of in class activity, all the discussion you want about you and your business.

  • Dates: We’ll set them together to accommodate your crew.
  • Time: To be set per our dates.
  • Investment: Rates start at $350/person, 6 hours of class
  • Location: To be decided upon agreement.

Like a concert, the show goes on. Once you are a paid registrant, there are no refunds for classes missed.

Call Ginger 515.450.7757 PST to arrange the same class in your business, neighborhood, Chamber and business groups. The size and format are adaptable with larger groups, though still tight to ensure the deep information and discussion goal is met.


SBDC Testimonial

“Many of our clients cringe when they think about marketing their businesses; they believe their products and services should simply sell themselves.  This is why I asked Ginger to deliver her What the Heck is Marketing? presentation.  Her style was so engaging, funny, and personable.  Afterwards, participants told me how awesome Ginger was and how they were energized to implement the many marketing suggestions.” 

– Stephanie Hoffman, Business Advisor and Trainer

Manager of the Lunch, Learn & Launch series

Southern Oregon University Small Business Development Center

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