Your New Customers Aren’t Your Old Customers

Never make the mistake of assuming how you’re going to work with future and even current customers the same way you’ve worked with previous customers.

You may well see some sameness in some aspect.

Know though that each client has their own agenda, take on purpose, goals, mission and style.

In working with a newer service provider recently, I was confronted with this reality. The expectation the contractor put forth was to the effect that he did it This Way with his previous so many customers. Fine. That’s them. And I don’t know or care about them. This is me and I operate as me.

Never lose site of the fact that you are in business for your customers, not for your own convenience. And setting up early days guard rails may well keep others from coming your way. It can certainly lower referrals forward, which are business’s life’s blood.

You can be true to your business principles and tact AND serve the client by finding out what is and what isn’t working for them. Go from there.

I laud this new business person’s gumption and appreciate them being up front with what works for them. Again, it’s more important to find out what your client wants and how they works to first see if you’re a fit working together.

What every business will benefit from is to adopt the vantage of the customer and see what works best for them within the services and goods offered. Then find the happy working medium. Don’t take the work and personalities that don’t fit. Not every person is every businesses customer.

The best contractors, practitioners, specialists and business people are the ones who check in – “how’s this working for you?” – with regularity. The ones who my-way-or-no-way are not serving anyone, least of all themselves.

Internal Marketing

Your internal customers are all the people with the first and most direct ties to your success.

Employees, contractors, suppliers, vendors, investors, affiliates and so on.

They all want to see you succeed, get paid and move forward.

How you treat your internal customers is the origination for the ripple out of how you treat your external customers.

  • How do you treat Your People?
  • How will you then treat Your Customers?

Expectations are high. It’s easy to succeed with the gold standard and golden rule in mind.

Market internally first, set yourself – and your comrades – up for best success. Your paying customers will thank you for it.