If It Ain’t A Screaming Yes, It’s A No

Recently a colleague of mine asked me for advice on accomplishing 3 big goals she put in front of herself for the year. I had asked her what progress was looking like, since she told me of these goals in December of last year. While I’m hired to provide marketing coaching, I don’t just dole our advice, so to speak, unless I’m expressly asked.

Here’s what I told her.

Goals: advice? Well, I know the few times in my life I’ve thrown my hands in the air and said “FUCK IT!!” and let ‘it’ go, things started shaking out. Sometimes holding the vision too tight suffocates the possibilities.
As things start to shake, you may forehead slap….”really?? That’s all it took??” Sometimes, many times, for me that works.
That said, if you truly are dedicated to what you want, get rid of everything else; seriously. Read Essentialism by Gregory McKeown, The Lifechanging Magic of Tidying up by Marie Kondo. Then get back to me. That’s your homework.

I’m at the mindset right now of: If it isn’t a screaming YES, then it’s a no. Good is the enemy of excellence; of achieving what you are really wanting to happen. And that ain’t no WestCoasthealermumbojumbo. It’s true.

Is it always easy? No – AND it gets easier and more liberating the more you do it. Yes to you, no to everything else.
Raise your bar, Tara. Keep it there, never lower it for someone else for when you do, you lower it for you. Good enough ain’t.

There’s my two cents since you asked.

Stay in touch, be well. Never give up. Stay your course. You can do it. Believe in you because I sure do.