Half Day Connectivity & Marketing Workshop

Hearye, Hearye ~

Come one, come all connectors (and those who want to be) to the

Half Day Connectivity & Marketing Workshop

Join me – learn how to be an effective Connector. It amps your marketing!

What’s it all about, you ask?

Ginger will be leading a high value, info loaded, fun & interactive workshop on Connectivity – specifically what Connectivity is and how to use it to build your business and community.

  1. Connectivity: meeting people and building relationships on purpose and with purpose, to serve & to thrive.
  2. Connectivity: holds MANY valuable marketing attributes; when you learn about connectivity, you amp your marketing endeavors, which can increase your happiness and revenue.
  3. Connectivity helps you focus, do more, better, more efficiently and more effectively.

Takeaways include:

  • Learning the 6 Essential Elements of Connectivity
  • Exercises on how to implement the Elements to help you create & build relationships
  • Key Attributes of successful connectors
  • How Connectivity boosts & supports your Marketing endeavors (huge, right?!)
  • Open, direct & honest conversation with Ginger & the group to share ideas, best practices, address challenges and give everyone in the room opportunity to benefit from the time together.
  • Goodies for every attendee! Plus Ginger will buy your first beverage (bring your own mug) – Pony Espresso is in the same building.


  • Who: Those who wish to learn from a Connecting & Marketing expert in a lively, fun and effective way
  • What: Half Day Connectivity & Marketing Workshop (though more of a ‘FunShop’…)
  • When: Friday June 15th, 8 am to 11 am
  • Where: Comfy conference room at Washington Federal Bank branch, 175 Lithia Way, Ashland OR
  • Why: To learn from an expert; to connect with others; to take-away immediately useful insight to apply in your life & business
  • How: Register by calling to reserve your seats today 515.450.7757 ; VERY LIMITED SPACE! (no joke)
  • Investment: Only $100, PIF, for this chockablock educational session that can change your future.

IF the date or time doesn’t work for you, if you need a different time – if you want to bring Ginger in for a private workshop of an audience of your own choosing, call to discuss as well 515.450.7747. Everything is possible.

Share forward as desired, see you soon ~

Connectivity & Privacy

If you’re in business or are a business watcher, then you’ve likely heard some rumblings about GDPR, the General Data Protection Regulation activated by the European Union.

I’m all for it.

As a business owner and operator, it’s a bit of a miasma to navigate AND I know it’s important. I want my information – aka DATA – protected and rest assured that what I share is safe & secure. To that end, I’m educating myself about what needs to be altered in my operations. If you’ve not done so yet and you are in a position to be mindful of the GDPR and privacy overall, then it’s time to educate thyself!

Here’s their portal.

Make the time to read and understand obligations; it’s a long document! Do yourself, your customers and your business the justice it deserves.

Trust is part of connectivity, so is transparency. With this new set of rules, we’ll all do better to respect and protect privacy that we all hold dear. Now, get to it.

When Is The Best Time To Connect?



When you’re in close proximity to someone else.

When it feels right.

When it feels comfortable.

When you think “I’m not ready” and you really are.

It’s not in Dan’s book, though Now is the right time to connect (smart reading, by the way)

When someone else starts a conversation with you.


Next week.


In an hour.

Connectivity happens when you make it happen. It’s live, in person, real and where relationships begin.

Get started. It’s a great day to connect.

When Somebody Doesn’t Notice You’re Gone

How does it feel to not be missed?

After 15+ years getting to know one specific industry community, I’ve walked quietly away and embarked on a new direction for my career.

Fifteen years. That’s a lot of time, a lot of life. That’s a lot of connecting, building relationships, fostering, growing and enjoying them.

So how does it feel – to not be missed from that crowd?

Not great.

In fact, it’d be pretty easy to wallow or get indignant – “How can they NOT miss me?!”

I’ve chosen to head toward, instead of away. Since I didn’t close the division of my work efforts I walked quietly away from, there’s no need to make a big splash. I’m still open for that business when it’s ready to come my way – I’m simply not courting it anymore. And, thankfully, some people are noticing I’m absent. They’re reaching out and checking on me.

Being present and being missed are all parts of connectivity. Changing directions – changing audiences, crowd, and colleagues – can have a significant impact on your connections. So it’s time for me to rebuild, which I’m doing with enthusiasm and vigor and success. Square one…well, it’s only square one and I’ve got a lot of squares to cover.

Absence doesn’t necessarily make any hearts grow fonder. It’s like a fence you can’t see over: out of sight, out of mind. Time to climb new fences.


A Box Full Of One Connectivity Tactic

So what is it – that tactic for connectivity?


Real, paper, pencil & pen. Pages, binding, notes, dog-eared edges.

All my datebooks…the 2 left, titled, (maroon & rose) are my 1st college ones I started with.

I’ve kept datebooks since I was a sophomore in college to keep track of classes, practices and dates. Clearly, there’s a great fit for me because, a few dozen later, I’m still using them every single day.


The datebooks I keep are tactical (action) to support my strategy (plan): recording events, names and contact info, ideas, conversation notes – all of it – helps me keep track, circle back and support my memory. I really like being able to see an entire month, week and year – paper datebooks help me do that.

And – a personal top reason – I can open it as anytime, without turning an electronic device on. Less is more here.

Watch the video I shot on datebooks. (posted on LinkedIn 051618) Datebook cting tactic

I also review each week, noting clients (people who pay you for your expertise), meetings (who, purpose, date), and a few others sections. This helps me, at a glance, see who I met with, who I’m serving and where my focus is. Which is helpful in keeping my focus tight.

Tell me how you keep track of your connecting maneuvers in the comments below – I’m keen to learn who does what, how, when and why.

Connecting Is

Connecting Is:

A magnet, it attracts and pulls people in. It’s the equivalent of the Customer Experience when done well and right. It’s like great marketing – great marketing excites, creates a sense of wanting to know more and invites people in.

Connecting Isn’t:

Networking; that’s different. It isn’t a push, like advertising is a push. Customers service, that moniker that’s so overused it means nothing anymore, is the same way. It’s not personal or attractive.

Want more? I’m shooting videos regularly and posting them on LinkedIn on Connectivity as well – like this one: Connectivity is a magnet

The Birds Don’t Care If It’s Raining

What do birds care about?

Well, you’d have to speak avian to know for sure. All the same, in a conversation last week I learned that the birds don’t care if it’s raining.

What the heck does that mean, anyway?

Hey bird…I’ve got a question for you…

From the recipient it means that some things don’t matter to certain creatures. Birds – do they really care if it’s raining or not? Perhaps if it hinders food finding, mating, nesting and other critical bird to-do items. Perhaps if it’s tornadic or hurricane style rain…otherwise, I’d guess they truly don’t care. It’s part of the life of a bird.

For humans, rain seems to matter more. We gripe, celebrate, begrudge, wax rhapsodic and exhibit all sorts of other emotional behaviors and feelings.

Why does rain matter so much, to some? Why not simply take it for what it is – precipitation – and keep moving, planning that it will rain as some point…think ahead, be prepared.

The birds & the rain today remind me that to a connector, the rain doesn’t matter either. The Rain can be an excuse to do or not to do – metaphorical or literal. It all depends on the barriers and limiting beliefs we put up in front of ourselves, by ourselves whether the rain affects us of not. We choose.

We choose to connect. Or not.

Connectors connect, no matter the weather. They plan, think, and bring an umbrella. Because it’ll rain, sooner or later and they want to be ready.

Be a bird brain here.

Prognosis v Diagnosis

In talking with a friend this week, the word “prognosis” came up. While it’s commonly associated with medicine, it’s a great word in connectivity too.

To be clear:

  • Diagnosis: the identification of a condition
  • Prognosis: the likely course that condition will take

Before we get to prognosis though we need to diagnose.

Q: Which one are you in charge of in your connectivity efforts?

A: Both.

You get to set the course of diagnosing your situation. What’s your Why? Who would you like to connect with? How will you make it happen?

Then we can prognosticate from the diagnosis. What will you do to bring your connecting goals to life?

Connectivity is rife with opportunity to diagnose (asses and set goals), then set the prognosis (plan, actions).

Manage Your Expectations

“Ginger, learn how to manage your expectations.” – RK

These words of true wisdom from experience have echoed many times in my brain since the day I heard them. They came to the surface again yesterday.

I was invited by a valued colleague and trusted friend to substitute for her at a business meeting she regularly attends. Happily, I accepted. Glad to represent her and her trust in me to do so. Also for the opportunity rich environ that I know these meetings can offer for connecting.

Seeing several people I already knew plus meeting more ‘new’ folk was a great start as I headed into the area of the event.

It didn’t go as I anticipated.


Because at a pivotal moment in the meeting, when I expected to be able to do one thing that I very much wanted to do – and assumed was going to be able to do, I wasn’t allowed to do it.


I questioned it in the moment, with the entire group listening, and then let it drop. “Hmmm,” I thought to myself. “Well, this isn’t what I expected and it doesn’t sit right with me…so, how can I now shift my agenda to make this worthwhile?”

Time to manage my expectations.

What are your expectations?

A brief internal debate ensured, including the consideration of finding a moment to duck out. Having run that scenario with my friend in mind, I decided to stay. What I did was to consciously shift my expectations from the anticipated unfulfilled opportunity to how to make the best of the rest of the meeting. That’s exactly what ensued.

My attention then was no longer fully on the meeting: it was on meeting, aka Connecting. How could I optimize my time there while respectfully representing my friend? Simple: manage my expectations.

As the meeting ended and the usual milling about as people leave was underway, I was stopped by a few people who suggested getting together. Setting up connections with others was certainly part of my initial plan; and once the plan unexpectedly shifted to what I thought wasn’t in my favor, setting up connections was my primary goal.


Connectivity happens all the time, whether we have it as a primary, secondary or hundredth goal. Opportunities abound. Shifting my expectations from the connectivity being second into first place reminded me why I do what I do.

It isn’t to represent my friends (though always honored & flattered to be asked).

It’s to bring my full self to the game, to get out and move about. It’s to know my Why and check in with my mindset as to what I’m doing. It’s to connect on purpose and with purpose.

Big thanks to my quoted friend and mentor, brilliant and tenacious and gracious business person, Rhonda Kallman.