What are the triggers you experience that inspire you to take a look at who you know, who you’re associated with, who you are connected to and who you want to connect with?

Behoove is a fun word to say – sounds very English to me (say it in a full sentence with an English accent if you wish). It’s even better when used.

What behooves you to examine your connections? When? How? Toward what goal?

Let me know in the comments below.

What Fuels Your Fires

Wild and forest fires are regular occurrences where I live.

Last night, both driving to a neighboring town to be with friends, then driving back, I noticed a few exceptional things.

  1. On the way to friends, I saw a plane flying in a direction and height that I haven’t seen in the years I’ve lived here. I recall thinking, “hmmmm – that’s odd….”
  2. The sky was a hazy concoction of clouds and murk – a sure sign of fires, yet I couldn’t smell any smoke (which is usually present).
  3. On the way home, the route driven provided confirmation that not only were there fires, but a section of the primary freeway were closed due to the fires. Semi trucks lining the freeway for miles illustrated this truth.

Fires are fascinating to me. They’re like connectivity: they’re seeking fuel to grow. Fuel for fires is any combustible material; fuel for connectivity is meeting and developing new relationships with people.

If your connections are like wildfire – if they run, consume and scorch your turf – then they are likely the wrong ones. Time to disconnect, unconnect and let those go.

Focus on the positive connections that, like wildfire, can rejuvenate, jump-start and spark purpose and meaning. Focus on providing fuel for the relationships that are mutually helpful, positive and progressive.

As a former firefighter as well as a life-long connector, I see fuel everywhere. How I choose to use it and manage it are key.

I think the road is open by now for all the trucks and travelers. They’re reconnected with their original purpose of traveling down the road, ready to connect with and toward their intent.

The Right Mechanics

“It’s not hard with the right mechanics.” – Julianna, River guide

Connectivity is like this quote: with the right mechanics, it’s not hard. It’s not only not hard, it’s smooth, comfortable and productive.

With any skills, aka Mechanics, connectivity requires the proper Elements. I’ve outlined these Elements in the forthcoming book, the Connectivity Canon – and I’ll share them here with you too.

  • Why
  • Mindset
  • First Move
  • Y In The Road
  • Pursue Your Path
  • Follow Up
  • Follow Through

Elements = Mechanics

In going deep into Connectivity territory, I realized I wanted to deconstruct what the idea actually IS, so I could build it back up fully understanding the structure. Hence, the above list I’ve developed.

Elements = Mechanics

Julianna was referencing a lesson on white water kayaking. When I heard her say this sentence, I knew I wanted to share it forward since it applies to so much more.

Further, connecting is like rafting on a river. You can always move forward, following the landscape of the opportunity in front of you. Sometimes you want to float, sometimes you paddle like crazy, sometimes you need a guide.

In every case, you’re in control.

Your connectivity starts with your mechanics. Where are you at with Connectivity?

Rafting, Breaking Bread And Connecting

There’s something about breaking bread – sharing food and drink – that brings people together.

Eating is a big artery for connectivity: we all have to eat, we all need to drink (something). When we realize this and tap into it then we connect better with ourselves and with others.

The ripples we create outward by sipping and noshing with other people can seem innocuous. They can seem “small” – and apparent size has nothing to do with how powerful they are and can be. You don’t have to have a motorboat to create waves – connectivity does it inherently.

Having enjoyed three days on the Wild and Scenic Rogue River with Adventure Women and ROW Adventures + a bunch of fantastic guests I can tell you this:

  • Going adventuring connects us; whether we wanted to enjoy the trip or meet new people or a combination of both.
  • Tuning into eating and drinking is so utterly human, so common – to me, it’s a global and abundant opportunity to converse (language be darned).
  • Sitting, strolling, sipping, nibbling – all of them together provide a unique opportunity to connect.
  • Doing all this out of doors is even better.

Thanks to my client hosts, fabulously game and curious guests, and DAGOBA Chocolate for the generous delicious supply featured in the tastings.

Life’s delicious when you invite it over to join you at the connectivity table…or raft….or lodge.