How Do I Find Trustworthy Connections On LinkedIn?

Q: “Hey Ginger! Since being active on LinkedIn, I’m getting messages like what am I doing, exactly what, they ask for details. When I ask them what are they looking for or why so much details they say just curious or looking for ideas. And then they don’t talk further. I came to LinkedIn to increase my network for business. Not looking for customers but a partner! It’s not easy to find trustworthy among hundreds and thousands. Can you tell me how to use LinkedIn in a better way?”

Props to Mrudula for the question – and likely applicable to many of us.

A: Here’s my video reply.

What question do you have around Connectivity and using various platforms?

FYI – I’ve gotten deep into LinkedIn, including having hired terrific coaches with serious movement forward. If you’re seeking a LI coach, start with Kate.

Sinatra And White Shower Curtains

Make Up Reasons Day

…that’s what the 9th of October had printed in the date square on my Brian Andreas hanging calendar in my bathroom.

So we did.

[scene] Yesterday morning, before brushing teeth in the bathroom.

Me: “Larry, (My Fine Husband) can you tell me why blahdeblahblah?”

Larry: “Because Sinatra sings songs.”


*blink, blink*


me: “OHHHHHH!!!!! I got it – it’s make up reasons day.”

[silly laughter]

(…later that night….)

Larry: “What do you know about blahdeblahblah?”

Me: “It’s because we have a white shower curtain.”

Larry: “WHAAAT??”

Me: (grinning)

Larry: “Ohhhhh – (laughter again)…”

What the samhill does this post have to do with connectivity?

Laughing, making each other laugh, doing silly fun things is part of connecting with our humor. Humor, like education, changes the world for the better.

The prompt on the calendar reminded us that it’s fun and important in relationships to have fun, be silly, laugh together. That’s what the samhill is has to do with connectivity.

Nobodies and Invisible Invincibles

Shelli Johnson call’s them “nobodies” in this worthwhile article; I call them “invisible invincibles.”
Whatever the words you choose, SEE the people around you.
Interactions = connections.
Connections = lead to mind expanding experiences.
Experiences = what life’s about.

Trade Booth Connectivity

I recently shared ideas* on how to make a Trade Booth worthwhile for buyers of those spaces to build business.

Thanks to Midge, one reader & tribe member, for being compelled to give me some more great ideas.

A ‘worthwhile’ trade booth starts with the vendor…

Midge adds:

  1. To not read your favorite novel. Same thing, your head is down and well, people don’t want to disturb you.
  2. I also don’t eat at my booth. One because I usually have samples out and that’s just not cool, but people don’t want to interrupt you. AND you are not ready to start the conversation. I
  3. Personally always look at the people doing by to see who makes eye contact with me. That’s when I make a comment to start a conversation.
  4. I also try and stand on the outside of my booth or have it so them can come in to me; the table between us is like the crossed arms – you are closed to any interaction.
  5. Another thing I do is to tell my vendor neighbors that if we are talking, I will stop in middle of conversation if there is someone at my booth and I hope they do the same.

Thank you for this note and I truly hope that others take this to heart, I think it is very important.

*via my enewsletter – sign up if you want to get in the loop

Alternatives to PowerPoint to Connect with Customers

Props to Michael for inspiring today’s post.


“I work for a company which contracts with various education organizations to provide coaching, professional learning and development opportunities for teachers and administrators. Typically the presentations for professional learning and development are pre-packaged and prepared by the company including script, PowerPoint decks and handouts. I dislike PowerPoints. How do I remain loyal to my employers expectations that I use the prepared materials and still insure that I am an engaging speaker?

Possible A (my reply):

Thanks for your email.

Indeed, we’re birds of a powerpointfree feather!

Well, have you first of all talked with them (not emailed) about your ideas to engage your clients sans PPT? What are they? Are they clear? do they deliver the message succinctly and accurately? If so, why not offer to stage a presentation where you show them a different/modified way to present, sans PPT….
Used well, PPT can be excellent; most people don’t use them that way – meaning, a literal handful of slides ONLY, not a go-to-heck presentation. It rather makes us redundant too (why present AND have a PPT…then some even add a printed copy [forehead slap here]).

See what their receptivity is first, offering another effective way to ‘do your works’ successfully. maybe you’re just the breath of fresh air and ideas they are seeking, consciously or unconsciously.

Best wishes – let me know what you choose to do.

Thanks for being in touch & part of the tribe.



What idea would you suggest?

WWE 2018 Prize Winners

Congratulations to the Wyoming Women’s Expo & Professional Development Day 2018 Prize drawing winners!

[drum roll please…]

p.s. if you entered the drawing and didn’t get a call, it may be that you forgot to include your phone number on the entry form… feel free to contact me to correct!

If You Want To Write, Write…

If you want to write, write.

If you want to speak, speak

If you want to dance, dance.


Whatever you want to do, do it.


Will you make excuses or will you do what you want to do?

What Makes You Memorable?

Props to the whole room full of great people at the 2018 Wyoming Women’s Expo Professional Development Day, Casper WY ~

It was truly a pleasure to be with you and serve up the Connectivity message in my talk, Shiny Shoes, Round Cards & A Mohawk: Me Ideas, What Makes You Memorable.

During the talk, I asked: What makes you memorable – said another way: what do you think you’re really good at that helps people remember you?

As I was sorting through the papers that the guests wrote on, I picked out these three to share here.

  1. I rock at crochet; I rock at being a grandma
  2. Always smiling; bit klutzy/awkward; nice ~ genuinely
  3. Witty in the right moment; reach out; funny

It was a fascinating exercise to help people see that they ARE in fact memorable and that being memorable is a direct line to Connectivity. What makes you memorable makes you easier to remember which leads people to want to meet you, get to know you and get to know you better.

What makes you memorable?

Whatever it is – whatever you feel you’re great at, whatever you love to identify with – will be part of your connectivity magnetism.

Please share what makes you memorable below.

Connecting With An Audience

I often have people ask me for “speaking tips.”

  • A new colleague of mine tells me she’s set to speak at a coming LinkedInLocal.
  • A connection-to-be-made is referred from someone else to me about speaking.
  • A cohort sees me on some sort of group call and asks for help.

What do I tell them?

Well, the first person listed above got this from me:

“What will you do to maximize and really give the folks a great useful time and hold your bar high?

Use these thoughts as desired, ditch them if you don’t want them:

1. Go to give, and give only.
2. In doing so, let everything you have rip – with no other expectations; this is qualified audience & high potential connections.
3. Be prepared, in the very farthest back part of your mind, what you would offer should someone ask. DO NOT let it pervade your thoughts of giving when you present though. The right people will want more when they see you know what you’re talking about.
4. Pro tip: don’t use Powerpoint; focus on connecting with them then, there. If you must, offer the presentation outline (outline only) to the audience, to be given to them AFTER the event is over WHEN they give you their business card.”

Use these as you wish too. Speaking is the powerful gift of peoples’ focused time and attention. It’s time we all never get back – utilize it, value it and really make taking the stage matter.