Business Takeaways & Marketing Lessons

Last week, I had the pleasure of being invited to return and speak at Southern Oregon University’s School of Business Speaker Series.

They invite guests who have an interesting story to share, lessons and likely inspiration to share with the student body.

The first they had me in, my primary topic I was focused on another business.

This time, it was all about Connectivity.

Connecting people on purpose, with the intent to serve other people.

Since a big part of my experience as a business person is marketing, here’s how I set up the room for my address:

Connectivity = Communication = Marketing = Connectivity….

When we’re connected to who we are and therefore the activities in our lives, everything is possible.

Here’s what I shared.

Insights from my business adventures that have helped move me forward:

  1. Be positively excited about what you choose to invest your life in
  2. Get out when it’s not positively exciting or gratifying – you’re wasting everyone’s time starting with your own
  3. Be a force for good, wherever you choose to put your brains and energies
  4. Be thoughtful to your choices – on a big picture scale, starting with everyday choices
  5. Sleep on every major decision, however ‘major’ it is to you
  6. Seek advice from people who will have wise words to share; never from sympathetic friends and relations, colleagues and neighbors who like or love you yet are unqualified
  7. Protect your assets. I had to initiate a lawyer because someone intentionally stole my logo for their own gain…good thing I had registered it for protection (still stunk)
  8. Save money, put it aside
  9. Try whatever looks interesting to you. Chutzpah will always out maneuver ‘talent’
  10. Know and practice the Givers Gain
  11. Live within your means; learn how to manage you money, get help throughout your life
  12. Invest in yourself, all through your life. Interview and hire coaches
  13. Express gratitude daily.
  14. A lot.
  15. Be curious, be interested, ask questions
  16. Preparation and discipline work
  17. Dress up
  18. Be a steward, not a consumer
  19. Ask for help when you need and want it, don’t be a whiner, get to it
  20. Be a diplomat, be kind, be generous, be direct, be objective, be willing
  21. Shed toxic relationships on & offline, clean house once in a while to do so
  22. Follow up & Follow through
  23. Say Please & Thank you, utilize eye contact and a solid handshake, be gracious

Have a class or speaker series you’re seeking speakers for? Be in touch.

Choices: Action or Inaction?

Connectors make choices, as everyone does.

The first choice is to actually decide if you want to be a connector: someone who connects with people, on purpose, with the intent to serve other people.

Next choice: to be an action taker or not.

And actually, if you’re a connector and really possess the Why & Mindset of being a connector, you’ve already decided that you are an action taker.

See, a connector is a doer. Someone who wants to promote active movement, change and progress.

Taking action is naturally part of making decision and making changes.

If you’re connected to your own Why – what drives you forward, your own vision – then you’ll not only make choices, you’re want to make them. Making them is part of the empowerment of being a change maker.

If it sounds like I’m running us in circles here, good. It’s all cyclical: Connectors, Why, Mindset, Decisions, Action. They go ’round and ’round, and raise the bar with each revolution.

The converse is that people who are not connectors aren’t decision makers. They hold themselves back, they let themselves keep a death grip on excuses on inaction (aka excuses) in order to keep the status quo. That’s a recipe for a no-where-ever-fast-and-forever path.

Why would you do that to yourself? Why would you also do that to everyone around you, because everyone around you is impacted by your choices too.

Choices: Connectors aim for #1…not settling for 2nd place

It’s like the parents who say they don’t travel because they have kids.

No, you don’t travel because you don’t travel. Don’t you dare use the kids – that you chose to have or adopt – be the replacement for your own fears and bullshit.

I had someone recently connect with me on a platform and they were lamenting that they felt stuck in a job that was toxic. Oof…. while I have empathy for them, my immediate reaction was, well – get out – make a change. You’re a smart person, you can do it.

The response: Nope. It was a spiral of excuse, excuse, excuse.

That’s even more tragic – to allow yourself to wallow in your own excuses, to not live the life you really want to live – only for the reason that you’re letting your own self hold you back. Cause who else is impacted by your own selfishness to not improve, change, grow by making a decision???

Yep, everyone around you.

Mouths to feed? Me too. It’s not an excuse or a reason. It’s a cop-out.

If you really want something – like you’ve wanted something before or are jonesing for in the future, you find and make a way. Everything is possible. And that’s not star-eyed optimism. It’s the truth.

Choices are simple. While they may not always feel easy, once you’ve decided to decide, then the rest is academic. Make a damn choice. Choose something that makes you hum, drives you forward. Ditch the poor-me, it’s-too-hard. Isn’t it harder to wake up every day knowing that you’re wasting your precious life, doing something you hate??

No thanks.


Our days are full of choices.

Connectors choose to take action, one step and decision at a time.

Are you a connector?

Or are you listening to your own BS?

Calling All Connectors!! New Class Line-up – Registrations open now

What’s in a (Class) name?

And what makes a class worth the investment?

It all depends on what you’re seeking and how much of your time and attention you’re willing to truly invest.

Students who are really in it to learn it and to change their lives get a lot.

Those who aren’t in it, don’t and won’t.

Ginger giving a class on Connectivity at SOREDI

Having invested significantly in myself in the last two years I can tell you: when you’re ready, you rock it!

I’ve found serious value in the coaching and classes I’ve signed up for, primarily because I was actively seeking and then actively engaging in the education.

Only active learners get value. Active learners are open, objective, curious and fully engaged. They get the value and then some!

Are you an active learner?

If you are, today’s your day.

Today I’m announcing classes founded in Connectivity.

Connectivity = connecting with people on purpose, with the intention to serve.

Education = life and world-changing.

If you want to get better at your connecting skills – both online and offline – then there’s a class for you below. (custom and private classes & coaching available – please inquire if you’re interested)

Education is ALWAYS a wise investment. It’s the gift you give yourself that keeps on giving.


Available classes, descriptions & registrations:

Share with friends, colleagues and connections as you wish. The more the merrier.

After all, it’s all about connecting. Classes are a terrific way to do so ~

See you soon,


Being Thankful This Time Of Year Is BS

Some people would say it’s the time of the year to be thankful.

I’d say that’s BS.

Anytime of the year is a time to be thankful.

One way I show my thanks and appreciation is I write hard copy notes – postcards, letters….

As a connector I like to let people know directly that I am grateful for their time and attention. Great conversations, support – whatever it might be.

I’m gonna challenge you today as we get into the last part of 2018 to start writing thank you notes – on a regular basis. Once a week, twice a week, every Monday – whatever it is. Write them and send them and see the impact they make.

They should make you feel good because gratitude is an exercise in giving.

They’ll make the recipient feel great that you remembered them personally. It goes well above and beyond sending an email or a text – I guarantee you.

As a connector, I’ve been doing this for decades. It has huge impact. Send a thank you note of gratitude, be specific. The reason you give it is because you want to give it.

Be thankful. Be a connector.

What’s The Difference Between These Two Kinds Of People

I’ve heard, a few times from separate reputable sources, that only 2% of people who buy a self or professional improvement program actually complete it.


That’s a pretty low percentage. So, why is that?

Well, one indicated that the transactional nature of purchasing something was enough for some. They felt like they “did” something in the actual purchasing exercise.

The first person to tell me this blew my mind.

By the time I heard it the second time, I was sincerely flummoxed.

Why would anyone buy a program only to let it languish? It’s why we have garages full of stuff, basements and storage units we can’t even navigate, yet….we collect more or at least don’t winnow and clear it out.

My only unscientific extrapolation is this: The 2% of people who buy AND execute have a single priority in mind. With that Single Priority, other things and distractions, tasks and projects, purchases and stuff are relegated to unimportant (or at least displaced for another time).

As a Connector, I am bearing this in mind, in my frontal lobe. To be present when I’m connecting with people = my 2%. I want to invest myself in the other person, to see if I can support them, help and am determining if, and if so, how so. I’m listening so I can consider ways forward, whether with my help or who I know or where I can direct them to move forward. And if I’m not the right one, I move on.

2% is a powerful figure for me right now.

I’m in that 2% and frankly it motivates me all the more. The first person a Connector invests in is themselves. Once we know our Why, Mindset (aka attitude & intention) follows and so forth into tactical progress.

A client recently asked me what I thought separated the 2% from everyone else.

My response: while I’m certain there’s a bit of a gradient scale here (some people do some, for instance), my gut tells me its the concentrated Focus on that one thing. Ask yourself: What’s so important to you that everything else is not?

Choose that one thing – and know what your Why is to support it: why is that one thing important to you, why is it your focused pursuit? Then focus on it.

The people who focus, accomplish. They are the 2%.

Free LIVECAST 11/9/18: 5 Elements of Connectivity (aka a live How-To conversation – it’s gonna be great!)

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Where did the Elements come from?

When I decided to write my second book, the Connectivity Canon, I really wanted it to be meaningful and worthwhile.

In the writing of the Canon, my main goal was to create a book-as-tool to help people connect on purpose with a service mindset. To teach you how to connect with other people, comfortably and confidently to really enjoy meeting and getting to know other people.

I wanted the book to be useful, not merely good.

As a Connector, people ask me how I do it – how I actively engage, create and develop new relationships so easily?
My answer: develop a framework, with actual tactical steps, and get to it.

The Elements emerged as I wrote, eventually forming what has become my signature Connecting Framework. (There are actually 7 Elements – we’ll start with 5 on Friday.)

I was so excited! Here’s this gold nugget of the whole book dealio – a tangible, tactical Framework of Elements people like you can see, understand and use in everyday life.

It was soooooo exciting…because the Framework divides the whole (and sometimes daunting) big idea of how-to-connect-with-other-people into actual steps: the “Elements of Connectivity.”

In the Livecast, I’ll be mapping out How-to Connect in the simple to understand and use Connectivity Framework.

If you join me this Friday, 1 pm PDT for the free Livecast, I’ll share these 5 Elements with you so you can use them Right Away, immediately following the Livecast.

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