Anyone Who Wants To Connect, Can

Let’s start here: Anyone who wants to connect, can.

Connectivity Canon, page 20

It could be a stretch to use the word “anyone” in the statement above.

All the same, use it I did and with a lot of thought behind if it’s the right word – if I truly mean anyone – or not.

I do and I did.

Here’s why.

Connectivity: connecting on purpose with a service mindset.

Anyone can connect with someone else on purpose.

And anyone can have a service mindset.

Both of these may seem bold. I simply believe them to be fundamental. In order to want to connect with someone else, in order to create and develop a relationship, we must want to do so first. Simultaneously, we must have the right mindset to do so.

When I was writing the Canon, I wanted to have the words inside inspire, motivate and move the reader to action. Desire – the wanting to connect with other people – is the very first consideration. It’s the Why that I cover in the book as well, the Why I get asked to speak about and share, the Why that drives us forward.

Why = meeting people on purpose. When we know our why, we get in motion.

We then bring Mindset into the picture, setting our mind to match our intention of purpose and start building momentum.

Both are necessary: Why + Mindset. It’s the reason the Why + Mindset are the first part of the book and why they’re included in the Elements and Concepts covered as well. Without one, the other is bereft – unmoored and not complete-ly ready to move you forward. You’re not ready to connect unless you have them both in place.

Figure out your Why: Your purpose for wanting to create and develop relationships. Then figure out what Mindset is necessary for you to do so: objective, willing and positive.

The book covers all of this. You can get your copy or keep reading and digging around here on the site. Do both. We’ve also published videos on YouTube on Connectivity. Check those out as well – feel free to share them forward.

Remember, Anyone who wants to connect, can.

It starts with Why, then Mindset. The rest of the Elements of Connectivity follow.

Holiday Connection Tactic

If the end of the year can be trying for you…
If you’re not sure how to connect with the people in the rooms you’ll be in…
And if you want to be comfortable walking into those rooms, knowing you’ll be okay talking with whoever’s in the room…
Here’s a Connecting Tactic for the holidays to help you out.
When you decide to attend a holiday event this year, choose to meet one new person. One person you’ve never spoken with.
If you’ve literally met everyone in the room, choose to engage in conversation with a person who you know very little about.
Lead with an open-ended safe and pleasant query, like “tell me about one of your favorite childhood holiday memories” (or winter memories… holidays can be a negatively loaded time for some people).
Skip the “what do you do” or other stale and dead-end questions. Pass on the touchy topics. Stick to safe and it’ll be more pleasant for everyone. Safe isn’t a sell out, by the way. Safe keeps can keep it pleasant and fun, which is what most people want this time of year.
A classic encourager of further conversation can also be to say, “Tell me more about _[something in the conversation already mentioned]__.”
I’d also advise you to steer clear of weather and sports.
Choose instead movies, books, activities they’ve participated in, places they want to go visit, food and beverage they enjoy, the trip to get to where you all are, funny things you saw in the last week…. keep it positive and you’ll enjoy it more and be invited back.
The key is to simply do it. Simply, engage. Start a conversation. Conversations lead to connections lead to friends, business, opportunities and fun.
Remember, it’s a great day to connect.
Ho ho ho.
p.s. a great gift for the holidays is the Connectivity Canon – it’s a guide for learning how to better connect with people, year round.