Connecting with your audience is key in effectively communicating with people.

It’s not about lecturing or talking ‘at’ or ‘to’ someone – it’s about talking with someone. It’s about adding value to their life, not to hear yourself talk.

Today I want to share 3 ways you can become a better speaker to connect with your audiences.

1. Get a coach.

Anytime you want to improve your skills in a specific arena, seek, interview and hire a coach. Take a program. Register for a class. Ask for referrals. Improve your skills and mindset.

Bo Eason, story telling speaking coach, with Erica – “Take the coaching!”

Fully participate – give yourself totally to the experience and education. “Take the coaching”, as one of my former coaches says. Complete engagement once you’ve chosen your coach is crucial for what you can get out of it. Every audience you address deserves your best. Invest in yourself to be the best.

2. Practice.

The people we see who are able to stand and deliver confidently and with great success have practiced, practiced, practiced and practiced some more! They understand the value and import of practice and rehearsal.

Practice is crucial to the intimate and usually ingrained familiarity with the material you’re going to deliver. Practice lodges what you’re going to deliver firmly in your brain so when you do deliver it, you know it forward and backward. An audience can tell if you’ve practiced!

3. Stand Alone.

Ditch the power point and slides. The world’s best speakers don’t use slides. Get to know your material (see above), practice (see above again) and then be the focal point of the talk you’re giving.

Think of it as a conversation you’re leading. Rarely do we use notes in a conversation. Trust yourself to be able to confidently stand and deliver. No audience wants *yet* another slide show… seriously.

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  1. Jan Laine on August 7, 2019 at 8:29 pm

    Thank you! I have been leaning on my PowerPoint, but now I can see maybe I should lessen that.