connecting practices

Because I’ve been helping a lot of my clients shift right now (from rooms to zoom), here are Top Connecting Tactics right now I’m sharing in workshops – use what’s useful for you.

connecting practices

Züc really likes walk & talks…

1. More phone calls, less screen time. Fatigue anyone?! Calls & your voice are proven to be soothing and reassuring, partly by shutting our eyes and really (literally) tuning into sound, vs. having sound + image.

2. Go for walk & talks. I’d been doing this well before the shut down and it’s so good to move my body while talking. Key’s – avoid windy areas & have a really good pair of earbuds/headphones so your callee can hear you clearly with out wind-sheer.

3. Reduce your screen time, overall. What could you do offline instead of online? Are you using a timer to push your effort & focus?

And a fav go-to suggestion 4. Send love notes. Write hard copy notes, cards & postcard and send them. Those goodies on your fridge and bulletin boards are GOLD – both making us feel good in sending them and to the recipient in receiving them.

Stay well y’all & keep connecting.