47 People

What if you were asked to connect with 47 people in one day?

How would that make you feel?

  • Would you welcome it, enthusiastically?
  • Would it make you say, “What??!!”
  • Would I be watching you quickly fade away from my view, running for the hills?
  • Would you shrug your shoulders and respond in a lukewarm fashion?
  • Would you tell me you did that yesterday?

Well, that kind of unexpected landscape is exactly what one of my days turned out to be.

It happened at a conference.

It’s an event I’d been to before, spoken at previously as well, and is conveniently in my own immediate community.

So you know: the 47 people included some people I already knew or had connected with on some level previously.

Still, fully a quarter+ were brand new people.

People I’d not yet encountered, had opportunity to meet and talk with to see what sort of connection was possible.

Plus I still made it a point to intentionally approach and greet the people I already know on some level.

47 may seem like a lot.

And maybe it is.

In an environment of familiarity, it’s a comfortable and totally doable number for a connector who’s plugged into their community.

Connectors are confident and competent in creating and developing connections. (If you’re not yet confident and competent, we’d be glad to help.)

For a bit more background: When I moved to where I currently live, I dove head first into getting to know people, jumping into connecting because I knew how meaningful, helpful and fun it is. There was also a business to build and people are needed for that endeavor.

If you want to connect, start in your own community.

If you start in your own community, show up where it matters – where you can contribute, meet other doers and change makers with a positive mindset.

Dedicate the necessary time, gladly – view it as a welcome opportunity, never an ‘expense’ or ‘cost’.

Make sure to set your own guidelines to meet new people. My goal = meet 2 to 5 new people, every time.

Mindset in connecting is everything.

To connect with, and reconnect with, 47 people in one day requires focus and energy.

It’s completely realistic if your mindset is open, your desire is alive and dedication strong.

Connecting with all those people was magical.

The day was a highlight of my week.

And I’m already looking forward to continuing the momentum they all generously gave me, whether they realize it or not.

Now, it’s time to keep that momentum going and growing.

Who will you connect with today?