I met Nellie at a recent conference I was invited to speak at.

It was a fun experience to meet her  – we had a couple of lively engaging conversations. She’s a perfect example of the fact that there are great connections to be made everywhere!

Today I want to share what she wrote to me, in the beginnings of our conversation on LinkedIn.

“Hey, thanks for connecting on Linked in.

I’ve started to implement one idea. The choice to be present in the moment of connection.

I’m also starting to shake the hand of the first person I see when I walk into a room. Sometimes the questions are hard and it falls flat, and that’s actually exciting.

I am reading your book for 15 minutes each day as part of my professional development plan and can’t wait to see what else I begin to do. I’m sure I’ll reach out when getting stuck happens.

I hope you have a magical week.”

Nellie gets it. She knows her growth is up to her. Showing up, listening, taking action, gaining confidence.


Messages today:

  1. Be present. In connecting, in attending conferences, in showing up. You’ve much to gain, you’ve much to give.
  2. Read for personal development. Personal development is professional development, by the way.
  3. Choice, as stated above, is queen.
  4. LinkedIn is a highly effective connecting tool. (I teach skills on how to use the platform as well)


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