I was already looking forward to seeing them… hopefully.

As I rounded the wide hallway curve, scanning the moving mass of people, I didn’t see them at first. Then, there they were!

An airport concourse is a busy place. That afternoon was no exception, with hundreds of people and bags moving, walking, strolling, rolling and milling about everywhere.

Still, I knew I had a chance to see them.

When I did see them, they were seemingly engrossed on conversation. They were working, after all, since their jobs are located at the airport.

So as not to disrupt them, yet still interested to visit with them, I sat in a chair at the end of a row, main walkway side with a good view to wait for an opening. With my nose half-heartedly in a book, peeking up every so often, I was looking for a chance to say hello.

See, I’d met these two fine people¬† – Sheila and Diane – a few trips before.

I’d been seated across that same concourse hallway engaged in a very fun and lively conversation with two new friends, having just met them too. Sheila and Diane sat down next to us, resting for a few minutes, and Sheila leaned over and complemented me on my boots.

The three of us, then turned into five, and we talked with them for a short bit with that First Move Sheila had made. They needed to move on, so off they went.

(connecting tip: complementing is an excellent way to open a conversation)

Fast forward: here they were again, taking care of people as they’re wont to do.

Finally, they were done with their conversation as they moved into the main stream of the hallway traffic, I hollered a “Hello Sheila!” In short order, we were talking again, learning more about each other.

One of the fun parts of travel to me is to head to the airport relatively confident I’m going to see and maybe even talk with someone I know. I also head into air travel anticipating meeting great people I don’t know yet.

It happens every time with a connectors mindset.

The times of engaged connecting with people like Sheila and Diane are golden to me. We can all find common ground and have a conversation that moves us forward. Whether it’s sheer enjoyment we seek or enlightenment or something else.

We’re all hungry to connect. And we’re all hungry to connect with people who are also interested in connecting.

If you see me in the airport – or on a train or sidewalk or wherever – please approach me and say hello. Encounters turn into conversations, conversations turn into connections, connections turn into relationships.

And relationships make the world go ’round.