Alternatives to PowerPoint to Connect with Customers

Props to Michael for inspiring today’s post.


“I work for a company which contracts with various education organizations to provide coaching, professional learning and development opportunities for teachers and administrators. Typically the presentations for professional learning and development are pre-packaged and prepared by the company including script, PowerPoint decks and handouts. I dislike PowerPoints. How do I remain loyal to my employers expectations that I use the prepared materials and still insure that I am an engaging speaker?

Possible A (my reply):

Thanks for your email.

Indeed, we’re birds of a powerpointfree feather!

Well, have you first of all talked with them (not emailed) about your ideas to engage your clients sans PPT? What are they? Are they clear? do they deliver the message succinctly and accurately? If so, why not offer to stage a presentation where you show them a different/modified way to present, sans PPT….
Used well, PPT can be excellent; most people don’t use them that way – meaning, a literal handful of slides ONLY, not a go-to-heck presentation. It rather makes us redundant too (why present AND have a PPT…then some even add a printed copy [forehead slap here]).

See what their receptivity is first, offering another effective way to ‘do your works’ successfully. maybe you’re just the breath of fresh air and ideas they are seeking, consciously or unconsciously.

Best wishes – let me know what you choose to do.

Thanks for being in touch & part of the tribe.



What idea would you suggest?

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