“I spent the day in a neighboring town finishing up the selection of materials for my bathroom remodel and doing a little shopping.

At each place I stopped I found myself striking up conversation with at least one person.

The elder lady, in the shoe department at first thought I was a bit crazy when I asked a complete stranger what she thought about the shoes I was trying on, but we ended up having three customers and two clerks all connecting and having a mini, shoe fashion show. It was fun.

Then there was at Vet at the grocery store, and I learned a lot about coffee from a gentleman at the next store. He even took the time to find the dark roast I was looking for.

Fun day. I know there was more but I’d better get to work.” – DH, Nebraska


Human connection.

It’s straight forward, it works in bringing us together, it boosts our confidence and engagement in our world and it’s fun.


What connecting story will you share today?