Are You Asking Your Audience Questions In Advance?

connecting questions welcome ginger johnson

Are you asking your audience questions in advance?

  • If you are, you’re doing it right!
  • If you’re not, start the practice.

With a nod to Kindra Hall , asking your audiences 2 – 3 relevant specific questions in advance of your speaking, teaching and coaching will skyrocket the value – to them.

It’ll accelerate your learning and support much better curriculum as well.

connecting questions welcome ginger johnson

Are you asking questions?

As an expert, it’s up to you to know your subject matter.

As a pro, it’s also up to you to invite and gather insight to guide you to better serve those precious brains, eyeballs and ears.

Simple, short, specific questions related to what you’ve promised = key.

For example, right now I ask: What connecting challenges are you experiencing right now for yourself and your teams?

What question can you ask to get your audience’s juices going, to help them understand you’re going to be serving them, and with their input that’ll be all the better? What don’t you know that would be helpful, in order to best serve? (A: tuns!)

Make them open-ended, give them space to respond. DON’T make them forced (i.e. check box choice only) without opportunity for them to expand. Provide comment space if you use a survey tool. Encourage as much input as they’re willing to give.

Keep it confidential, use it in your work and you’ll amplify your impact.

Asking = better serving = better connecting.