Are You The Person To Help Others?

“I want to be the person to help you.”Pamela Czerny

These words came out of her mouth, directly right at me, at a recent connecting meeting. We’d seen each other only two times prior to a one on one get together. As we both asked each other questions and shared in return, I was excited and humbly impressed with Pamela’s genuine grace, interest in the world and in helping others.

This phrase has already impacted my thinking: I want to be the one to help you.

  • What can that do, mean, provide, provoke?
  • Who can you tell that to, sincerely, authentically and with enthusiasm?
  • Has anyone ever said that phrase to you, in earnest?

Words are powerful. They are one way we connect with other people, as well as other animals. Our voice and words matter. This seemingly simply phrase is an example of all the potential you can unlock in a few second’s time.

  • Who can you say this to in the next week and mean it?
  • Who can you thank, who’s already said it to you and made good on their support?

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