How many of us get fire-hosed with emails from an opt-in?

You know the drill – you opt-in, by choice, and then… you get flooded with emails. Daily, many times a day, toooooo many. Whatever it is, it’s too much for you & not what you signed up for.

For the most part we aren’t given a frequency choice.

Today I’m giving a big shout out of HELLYEA to Bri Seeley, a top entrepreneur coach – for giving her audience a frequency choice.

Here’s the biggie today:

If you have a newsletter for your opted-in audience (and you should), give them a choice of how often they hear from you.

Take care of your audience by asking them how often they’d like to hear from you.

Yes – give THEM the choice. It’s not about what you want to do; it’s about your audience you’re serving.

Here’s what I got from here today (fyi: she’s one of the very few enewsletters I get ’cause she dishes out big value.)

“One small note to make along those lines… As you know, I usually send out one newsletter per week – however, this month I will be communicating with you a little more often. There is just so much goodness happening – I can’t fit it all into one email a week. If you don’t want the additional weekly emails, please click HERE and we will make sure you only get the usual Tuesday vlog emails.”


Have you ever asked them how often they’d like to hear from you?

While we’re at it, have you asked¬† what they’d like to know? Have you asked them what they don’t want?


Said another way, are you fully connected to your audience by asking, listening and responding?

Yes, your message is your message.

AND you owe it to your super-valuable opted-in audience to ask them how often they want to hear from you.


RESPECT is what we’re talking about here.

Connectors are respectful of the precious private turf of the email inbox.


Steal this idea right now. Plug it in.

The service mindset of your incredibly valuable opt-in email community deserves the ability to choose.

Ask yourself: would I like to choose? If yes is your answer, then make it happenable for them.

If no is your answer, you need to circle back to why you’re doing and sending what you’re sending.

Your disconnected if it’s all about you; You’re connected if it’s all about them.


FYI Another great source of responsiveness = Marie Forleo.