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Cornfields, Cows and Connecting

The day started for me before the sun was a glimmer in the sky. The air outside was cool, some would call it cold. Having grown up in a robustly 4-season state, I find it refreshing and welcome. A bracing slight breeze accompanied me to my car, as I headed on down the road to […]

Connectivity Builds Better Business Connections

Do you want to build better business connections? Great! Aim to be a Connector. If you are one, great! You can always strive to improve. Connectivity build better business relationships. If you want to know how, stick around – reach out to me at ginger@gingerjohnson.com to learn more about how. I talked with a gent […]

One Of My Top Speaking Tactics

So, you want to be a good speaker? Great! Here’s one of my top tactics: Get to the room as soon as possible. An hour before? Yes! Waiting outside the room, only 15 minutes breaks between speakers? Yes! Go in, meet every single person you can – rapidly, though not pushy. Here’s my groove: [offer […]

Your Why Is Your Purpose

Your Why is your purpose – it’s your intention. It’s what makes you move forward. When I wrote the Connectivity Canon, I wanted to be superdupercrystalclear on what my Why was. The world doesn’t need another book! What it needs is more connectivity. More you and me, being together, learning how to communicate, learning how […]

Reading Is Another Tactic For Connecting

If you’ve ever walked into a room – or you’re planning to walk into the room and you want to connect with people, and you don’t know what you can talk about, I’ve got a solution. One word: Read. Read a lot, read whatever you like, read for pleasure, read for information, read for education. […]

Magic Boots

I’ve got magic boots. They’re not magic in the way they’re made. They’re not magic in the fact I got them from a genie. They’re magic because they’re connecting boots. They’re the craziest boots I’ve ever bought. I love boots. They’re super comfortable and kind of a signature thing for me…. And I realized that […]