Awareness Of Why

Every day’s a great day to connect.

Today I’m giving a special thank you and WOO HOO!! cantwaittogettogetherwithyouinperson to Adam French today. Adam’s a connector.

He’s very aware of his why. He’s very aware of what it means to be going through life purposefully.

I’m impressed and inspired by Adam and I’m really grateful for him.

He’s helping me remember what my why is today.

Sometimes you wake up and think, “Is this what I should be doing, is that what I want to be doing, is this where I’m of the most service?”

Those are all really big questions – they are why questions, they are vision & purpose questions. Connectors like to be clear on them.

When I’m not clear, I got to the awareness of my Why.

So, thank you Adam for helping me continue to be aware of my why – to continue to examine it – to fine tune it and to serve better.

Tell me below who you’re really glad to be connected with.

p.s. if you dig podcasts, Adam’s got one – Applying Awareness

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