Be An Agent, Not A Gatekeeper

Often the first part of my morning involves a visit to LinkedIn.

In the last several months I’ve had my eyes opened to what the platform has to offer – how it’s experiencing a renaissance with new contributors, thinkers, movers, doers and people all over the globe making the LI community robust.

In my activities on LinkedIn, I’ve been so fortunate to garner regular requests to connect. And I’ll tell you know – when I first renewed my interest and engagement in the platform, I was particular to the point of being exclusive in accepting invites.

I had guidelines like, “well – they have to be this or that, they have to send a personal invite….”

What I realized as I grew my own #LinkedInFam and started objectively learning was that my thinking above was All Wrong.

The platform, like many on & off-line, exist to help us mix, mingle and meet. They each have their format and style to invite us IN, not keep us out. If we choose to engage, within the parameters of engagements, then we can connect. We can meet, converse, contribute, learn.

So I totally changed my strategy.

Now, while I still have a few guidelines, I’m waaaaaaay more welcoming. I want to be an agent, not a gatekeeper.

It’s been very liberating and fun and fruitful to open my own mind – to be objective and welcoming.

How do you use LinkedIn? Tell me in the comments below. As a Connector, learning what other people do, why & how they do it, is always appreciated.

Props today to a few key people who’ve helped me learn more about the community & engagement on LinkedIn:

  1. Kate Paine, Standing Out Online
  2. Brian Schulman, Voice Your Vibe
  3. Amy Jones, RecollectBetter
  4. Lynn Failing, Kimmel & Associates

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