As I write this post, the world is in an extraordinary state of affairs.

Several countries have lost many people to a pandemic, shifting economies and every day ways of doing. It’d be easy to curl up in a corner, wish it all away and go into Rip Van Winkle mode.

What the world needs though is people who are proactive.

Those at the front of the epidemic (medical, economic, welfare of the world) are taking action; not sitting back and waiting for Someone Else to solve, resolve and otherwise make It Go Away or Deal With It.

This is one of those moments in time. Rest assured: fortune will favor the proactive.

People connecting with other people; people watching out for and taking tangible action to caring for the well-being of all creatures; people who know and see there’s a bigger concern that any one single person.

Fortune isn’t wealth solely in the sense of currency or money. Nope, it’s way bigger than that. It’s good health, well-being, taking care of self and others, and it’s being connected to a bigger view of Life.

One of the funny things about being human is that, while we’re sometimes fiercely independent and flex our individuality, we’ll always be better, stronger, smarter and more effective together.

What’s emerging is a unique global human solidarity.

People supporting other people, across borders and heritage, to help one another.

Ironic, isn’t it… that when disaster strikes, we come together. We connect.

The smartest people on the planet in my opinion are the ones who treat every day like we’ve just come out the other side of a disaster. Being truly and profoundly grateful for what Is, not lamenting what Isn’t.

Connectors are grateful. They do the work. They volunteer, put on the mask, speak up and do the work. They’re proactive.

Be a connector. Be part of the solution by finding the common ground we all share. Know that we will always have more of in common than have differences.

Connectors change the world. And the future belongs to the proactive.

Wake up. Do your part. Connect. Act.


Huge respect and deep gratitude to those on the front lines of the 2020 Coronoavirus.