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How Do You Pivot In A Pandemic? Part 2: Ways You Can Pivot.

By Ginger Johnson | Jul 2, 2020

Part 1: Reflect, Shift, Sleep. Read it here. Part 2: Ways You Can Pivot. Next, with the terrific support of my team, we’re examining our own strategies and tactics: what are you doing, why, how, when, and so forth. A few clients have actually asked me for technology help. Oof.…

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What Are Your Connecting Principles?

By Ginger Johnson | Jun 23, 2020

When you think about human connection, do you also think about your principles? Your principles guides your practices. They come before activity and deserve concentrated attention, to determine and guide your efforts. Reserve some time in your calendar today to think about and write about and even share your connecting…

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Will COVID Erode Human Connection?

By Ginger Johnson | Jun 3, 2020

No. Not if you choose to grow. The email conversation below is a perfect example of how powerful our mindset and attitude is. Whatever we believe is what we’ll experience. What’s your choice? [Recent email with a colleague] Colleague: What are you working on now? Me: I’m working on re/building…

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Value Review In Sequestration

By Ginger Johnson | May 29, 2020

One connecting practice I relish is sending birthday greetings. Cards, notes, video messages, voicemail, phone calls…   On LinkedIn They make it easy, by providing reminders of the birthdays of connections (by whomever has allowed the notices). Just this week, I sent a few more – here’s how I do…

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Oh S**T! This Is Working!!

By Ginger Johnson | May 27, 2020

“Oh shit, this is working!!” “I’m feeling more empowered about charging what I’m worth.” “I really had a blast making the menus of services.” “I’m feeling more equipped.”   Have you said any of these sentences before? All of these came from one of my fine coaching clients – she’d…

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Connecting And Pears

By Ginger Johnson | May 25, 2020

Client: We’re cancelling our programming. Me: Hmmm… would you consider shifting to online programming? [pause] Client: How would that work? Me: [explain, simply & directly, encouraging them that their audience still wants to grow, learn, be served] Client: That sounds good. Let’s do it. From a cancellation mindset to a…

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4 Better-Connecting Tactics To Use Today

By Ginger Johnson | May 24, 2020

Because I’ve been helping a lot of my clients shift right now (from rooms to zoom), here are Top Connecting Tactics right now I’m sharing in workshops – use what’s useful for you. 1. More phone calls, less screen time. Fatigue anyone?! Calls & your voice are proven to be…

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Use These Practices To Connect More Effectively

By Ginger Johnson | May 22, 2020

Please use these Connecting practices, which are also directly tied to marketing, to build your community today. 1. If you have your social media icons on your website – make sure you have them set to open up new pages, not to replace your homepage. You want people to keep…

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ginger johnson human connecting expert

The C’s of Human Connection

By Ginger Johnson | May 15, 2020

Choice Confidence Competence Courage Challenge Control Command Chutzpah Consistency Conversation Creation Communication Commitment Creativity Composure Community

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ginger johnson human connecting expert

What are you worried about?

By Ginger Johnson | May 12, 2020

One of the most oft asked questions I get is this: “I’m an introvert. How do I connect with other people?” My reply is always the same: Anyone who wants to connect, can.   Learning how to connect is the key – you have to learn how. We’re not born…

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ginger johnson human connection expert

What Happens When You Connect?

By Ginger Johnson | May 11, 2020

Everything is possible.   What happens if you don’t connect? Nothing. Seriously.   The choice is yours. Want some help in learning how to connect? Buy your book today. Read, apply, practice, succeed.   “I can confidently give this book five stars.  Why?  Because it is full of useful information……

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ginger johnson human connecting expert

When Is The Best Time To Learn How To Connect?

By Ginger Johnson | May 6, 2020

Now.   Connecting = communication, marketing, purpose. Connecting = skills based, that anyone can learn if they want to. Connecting is NOT networking. Connecting = a real, deep, meaningful practice. Connecting requires courage, clarity, certainty, (sometimes) chutzpah.   Yes, my friends, now is the time to learn connecting. Why comes…

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ginger johnson human connection expert

There’s No Such Thing As A Comfort Zone

By Ginger Johnson | May 4, 2020

Be very certain: comfort is not a zone. It’s not a space, place or idea to strive toward. Really, it’s ambiguous at best. Like the word Miscellaneous. Years ago one of my accounting pros told me, “Ginger, there is no miscellaneous.” Truth. I have succinctly classified everything since. Here’s the…

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How To Ask Connections For Advice

By Ginger Johnson | Apr 25, 2020

  Here’s a recent exchange in Linkedin with a new connection….Lesson summary on the bottom of the post.   N: It’s my pleasure to connect with someone like you in this crazy life. I’m try to build home based business during this pandemic period, hopefully everything going well. Stay safe…

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Connecting Is An Exchange Of Energy

By Ginger Johnson | Apr 24, 2020

“Connecting is an exchange of energy,” she said. “EXACTLY!!“, was my reply. She gets it. Connecting requires intention, effort and energy. The energy piece of the puzzle is often sacrificed by lacking intention and therefore effort. What we really want is what we expend energy on. If you want to…

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ginger johnson human connection expert

3 Classic Business Connecting Practices

By Ginger Johnson | Apr 21, 2020

If you’ve been with me for a bit, you know I love to share connecting tactics – practices that help us be and stay connected with other people. In this short video, I share a few business focused connecting tactics you can use to boost your efforts. If you’re a…

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Don’t Seek Like-Minded People

By Ginger Johnson | Apr 15, 2020

“I like to connect with like-minded people.” It’s a refrain I often read & see from invites in online platforms. It’s also the wrong way to think about connecting. As long as we’ve been walking around, ruling the world, we’ve been hungry for connection. We hunger for people who think…

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10 Day Connecting Challenge Day 10

By Ginger Johnson | Apr 14, 2020

Day 10 #10DayConnectingChallenge Did you do the work? Did you follow along? Did you embrace the exercises and grow?   To be a connector, means to be doing the work (like the blackboard behind me states in the video!). A Challenge requires work. Growth only happens by doing the work…

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10 Day Connecting Challenge Day 9

By Ginger Johnson | Apr 13, 2020

Day 9 #10DayConnectingChallenge   How do you stay inspired, whether during a lock down or with open access to the world? Why do you want to connect with other people to begin with? What’s the value of challenge like this if the whole world has been turned upside down? If…

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10 Day Connecting Challenge Day 8

By Ginger Johnson | Apr 12, 2020

It’s time to Egg somebody on ~ As I write this Day 8 Challenge, it’s Easter Sunday. What a perfect theme!   Here’s our exercise: 1. Think of somebody who you care about and may need a boost of support. Somebody who may need some positive reinforcement, some skilling up,…

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10 Day Connecting Challenge Day 7

By Ginger Johnson | Apr 11, 2020

Day 7 #10DayConnectingChallenge   If you’re still doing the work, GOOD FOR YOU!! Connecting on purpose takes real effort and dedication. I’m cheering you on – keep going. You’re over half way through the challenge. Remember, I’m doing this with you. (p.s. 95%+ of people never complete projects). Here’s our…

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