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Clean Your Lens: Marketing To Women

By Ginger Johnson | Oct 14, 2016
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Fire Brands

By Ginger Johnson | Oct 12, 2016

Fire brands inspire me. They see opportunity, know they can make something happen and dig in to do it. A firebrand is, in the words of my friend Michelle, the person who doesn’t ‘just do it’ – they just do it better. Eleanor Roosevelt, Abby Wambach, Theodore Geisel. Being currently…

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Publishing Your Damn Address

By Ginger Johnson | Sep 21, 2016

There’s apparently a paranoia among some business folks, usually sole props, in publishing their actual address. On business cards and websites specifically it’s conspicuously absent. I am mystified and annoyed by this move. Why do they do this? A website needs to have the legitimacy of a real mailing address.…

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Pre-Workshop Questions On Marketing

By Ginger Johnson | Sep 20, 2016

My local Small Business Development Center (SBDC) hired me to give a marketing workshop this summer. In preparation for the workshop, I asked my fine host to send a few questions forward to the attendees so I could be sure to address them at the seminar. One of the questions…

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Great Programs

By Ginger Johnson | Sep 18, 2016

“It’s only a great program if 90% of people who walk through your doors are excited.” Great, amazing, local, millenniala, craft, mindfulness, awesome…. So many overused words, so much over-done enthusiasm.  They’re useful words to be sure. Simply grossly over and mis used. Call your work and programs as you…

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What Does “Family Owned” Really Mean?

By Ginger Johnson | Sep 16, 2016

It always gives me pause when people say they want to work for a family owned company. Just what does that mean? It may be convention: that we think that business owned and operated by families, the same families who started the business, is a stable, healthy, sound bunch of…

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Book Announcement: How To Marketing Beer To Women, Don’t Sell Me A Pink Hammer

By Ginger Johnson | Sep 12, 2016

Ginger Johnson Releases Trailblazing New Book on Marketing Beer to Women Founder of Women Enjoying Beer Debuts Book During GABF Week Ginger Johnson, founder of Women Enjoying Beer, is releasing a comprehensive new book that instructs beer-industry companies on how to properly market beer to female consumers. The book —…

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Doll House

By Ginger Johnson | Sep 12, 2016

There are people in this world who make your work worthwhile. Doll Distributing houses a whole slew of them – starting with Mark & Julia Doll, Lauren Doll-Sheeder and going right through their ranks. I had the pleasure to work with them again this summer in Des Moines, Iowa. Great…

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Business Gems

By Ginger Johnson | Sep 10, 2016

It was such a pleasure to get to experience Karen Barry of The Friedman Group lead a day long leadership development workshop recently. Karen’s a pro – organized, thorough, on track and focused. She’s also got a good sense of reality and humor. Here are a few gems she shared…

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Business Is The Customer Experience, Not Stats

By Ginger Johnson | Sep 8, 2016

Why do so many people put so much value on metrics? Why are the statistics so important? In my forthcoming book I take statistics to task: stats measure what has been, not what can be. You need the psychographic data – the qualitative (vs. quantitative) to really tell you the…

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Discovery Sessions

By Ginger Johnson | Sep 6, 2016

Q: What’s the value in hiring a marketing pro? A: Using and implementing the knowledge you purchase. Like any transaction, the value in marketing is realized when you put the advice and expertise you asked for into action . Knowledge isn’t power – applied knowledge is power. The Discovery Session…

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Useful Redefinitions

By Ginger Johnson | Sep 1, 2016

In 2015 I applied for and was chosen to give a TED talk. The day I found out, I was visiting family in Wyoming. Though I like to keep my email and work at bay when trying to vacation, face it – for those of us who own and run…

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Marketing = Business Development

By Ginger Johnson | Aug 24, 2016

What are you doing with great intention? What’s that one thing you’re really focused on right now to develop yourself, your team, and your clientele? How are you clarifying your expectations? How are you walking your talk? How are you educating and training forward? How are you overcoming resistance and…

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Low Pricing Is Not Leadership

By Ginger Johnson | Aug 22, 2016

Pricing right is leading. Using price to drive business is not. Learning to price your services and goods can be a sticky wicket. When you operate a business, including the business of running your household, money and prices factor in. Crowing that you have low prices will bring in low…

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Don’t Blame The Marketers

By Ginger Johnson | Aug 18, 2016

“I just assume that if it’s organic, it’s good.” – Raquel Hoffman, NY The New York Times covers a lot of ground, topics and people. I like reading it because it gives me pause with the depth and breadth of reading available. Even so, Ms. Hoffman’s quote from an article…

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No Specials Board

By Ginger Johnson | Aug 16, 2016

Do you offer specials? If so, do you have a special board? What about these goodies makes them special? I heard an excellent talk at the Texas Restaurant Association annual TRA Marketplace show this year talking about this very thing. If you do specials, make them truly special. Everyday features…

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Be Your Own 100%

By Ginger Johnson | Aug 15, 2016

It’s easier to take responsibility than some may think. Taking responsibility means being open to success, mistakes, and redirections. It’s not hard – it takes consistency, fortitude and support though for sure. Build your own groups of supporters who will be there when you need and want them; don’t build…

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The (Marketing) Value of Hard Copy Mail

By Ginger Johnson | Aug 10, 2016

Mail like this makes my day. Thank you notes and cards are *still* one of the classic, effective and most noticed forms of gratitudinous communication. Ask yourself: what personal notes, postcards and letters do I keep around? How easy it is to recycle them? This particular letter literally brightened my…

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Gender & Presence

By Ginger Johnson | Jul 29, 2016

I’m a relatively avid reader, just shy of voracious. One book I’ve read this summer is Amy Cuddy’s Presence. Wow. If you’re like me and other 35 million+ who’ve watched her TED talk, then this book will be an extension of her. Though it’d be cooler to sit with her…

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Does Your Vision Need Corrective Lenses?

By Ginger Johnson | Jul 27, 2016

Vision has to be something you can see. With a nod to Mr. Sinek, I wholeheartedly agree. In my work recently with clients and in talks I am on fire about vision and mission. Vision has to be the first guiding light for every step forward you take. You have…

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By Ginger Johnson | Jul 25, 2016

“What you question will set you free.” – Jen Sincero The old adage “Question everything” is true. Even if you think you agree. Even if you think you like it. Even if you think it’s what you’re supposed to think (you’re supposed to think what you in fact do think,…

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