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Who’s In Your Millionaire Mirror?

By Ginger Johnson | Apr 13, 2016

According to Gene Bedell, it should be you. I recently read his book in an afternoon (yes, I’m a fast reader) and found some serious gems inside. I’ve learned that in reading books related to business, it’s best to find the pieces and bits that relate and resonate for the…

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Language of Giraffes, AKA NVC

By Ginger Johnson | Apr 11, 2016

One topic on my list for professional and personal development is listening. Listening is a vital skill for successful business, personally & professionally. I’m in search of education for myself to improve that skill: Julian Treasure has been one resource for me. And to keep learning, I recently attended a…

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Marketing Evolution

By Ginger Johnson | Apr 6, 2016

“One group’s needs determine a basic shape, and then another group comes along and asks to alter the contours.” – NYT Sunday Magazine Keeping up with the changes in our world in real time is mind boggling at a minimum. What should I pay attention to? What can I ignore?…

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Marketing Martini

By Ginger Johnson | Apr 4, 2016

The classic Gin Martini is parts gin (vodka for some), vermouth and some sort of flavorful accent like olives or lemon. So what would a Marketing Martini recipe look like? I’d propose a few ingredients. Education. Just like a martini would get nowhere without either gin or vodka, foundational understanding…

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Where Does The Time Go?? AKA Who Inspires You?

By Ginger Johnson | Mar 30, 2016

I don’t know how time seems to fly so fast, no matter what’s happening in life. Recently I was texting back and forth with a friend and colleague and she said she couldn’t WAIT for this month to be over. That caught me very off guard. Wait, what?? She wants…

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What Differences Do You See

By Ginger Johnson | Mar 18, 2016

Look at these two photos. What do you notice overall? When I look at them, I see a few obvious differences: Business Books White, red, and dark blue. Predominantly very easy to read font and short titles. 5 faces of real people Food Books Busy, multi colored covers All food,…

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Professional Service, Profit & Service

By Ginger Johnson | Mar 14, 2016

A few years ago I was invited to speak at various classroom audiences CWU. As it unfolded, I had a bit of time between classes so wandered around the building and found a library-esque room with a wall bookshelf of various academic text books and other books, including some on…

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Say No To Free Work

By Ginger Johnson | Mar 10, 2016

What do you expect to get when you work for someone? What can you reasonably anticipate when someone hires you or tells you they’d like you to do something for them – something that they value and desire and want accomplished? You expect to get paid, right? Yes. And of…

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Waste Free Marketing

By Ginger Johnson | Mar 8, 2016

So a marketer walks into a festival…..a chocolate festival in particular, to conduct flavor workshops. Okay, so it was me, happily so, at the OCF. (here’s a pre-fest video tip for you from The Local Dish) And in the wrap up and final clean up for the last of three…

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Your Marketing

By Ginger Johnson | Mar 3, 2016

“Our marketing is our employees doing their job well.” Wise words. Ask yourself today: What role do I play in our marketing? How do I best execute my work? What do I need to perform at my best for the entire whole? How do I continually evaluate and improve? Who…

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What Is Public Relations?

By Ginger Johnson | Feb 29, 2016

I came across an article I had torn out of a magazine entitled, “What Is Public Relations?” a while back. It’s an excellent question and – since you’re here on my Marketing focused site – bears expounding on to explain. Public Relations, commonly called PR, can be defined in a…

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The Power Of A Yellow Sweater

By Ginger Johnson | Feb 24, 2016

Yesterday I gave a talk on marketing yourself to a room full of college students, faculty and guests. It was the last in a series of Tech Talks at SOU partnered with SVTG, designed to give students valuable real world insight post programs & graduations. Mine differed from the core…

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“Your Feedback Is Very Important To Us…”

By Ginger Johnson | Feb 19, 2016

So why, then, do I feel so unimportant? United Airlines sent me a notice this morning to update my security clearance stuff. While I am in full agreement with reasonable safety measures, the questions they asked me to pick then provide an unyielding answer to in order to get into…

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And vs. But

By Ginger Johnson | Feb 17, 2016

One of the very best lessons I have ever learned is to replace “but” with “and.” With a deep bow of gratitude to Jack Anderson, my former colleague and mentor from my Ace Hardware days, I have implemented and changed my thinking entirely with this simple and effective tactic. Here’s…

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Why Did You Start Your Business?

By Ginger Johnson | Feb 10, 2016

While there are many answers to this query, I’d venture a strong “to do what I really want to do” fits for many. If that’s the case, are you doing what you set out to want to do? Said another way, are your days filled with the passion part of…

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Who’s Helping Who?

By Ginger Johnson | Feb 8, 2016

My Fine Husband recently contacted a shoe company per a concern; he’s a brewer and needs safe, non-slip and waterproof footwear and the pair he had been wearing (happily) developed a premature flaw. He’s really good at figuring out what needs to happen, reading all the necessary (or at least…

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What Good Marketing Is

By Ginger Johnson | Feb 3, 2016

Marketing is communication. With that definition, everyone is marketing. Marketing = communication, communication = education, education = progress, movement, sales and all the rest. It’s a good M word. Marketing sometimes gets a bad rap. It’s truly too bad when this happens since I believe, as a member of the…

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“Soft” Data Is A BS Term

By Ginger Johnson | Jan 26, 2016

Soft data…..the first time I heard that term I thought, what are they talking about – how can data be ‘soft’? Or hard for that matter. These are the basic common definitions. For some. And I think they’re a whole lot of BS. In fact, I know they are. Here’s…

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Where The Heck Have All The “Thank You’s” Gone??

By Ginger Johnson | Jan 15, 2016

Typical transaction, happened to me yet *again* today: I buy something in a store, I get to the end of the monetary transaction, I’m told to “have a great day!” Where the hell is the “Thank You”? “Thank” immediately followed by “you” are far and away the two most important…

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The Challenge of a Personal Trainer

By Ginger Johnson | Jan 12, 2016

It recently hit me between the eyes. Well, perhaps between the two lobes is more like it. Wow!! I finally understand what it’s like to be a personal trainer with a client who says they want to improve yet they don’t put the action where their mouth and dollars are.…

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Eight Categories Of Work

By Ginger Johnson | Jan 4, 2016

My smart friend Karen tells me she has 8 categories of work: Writing Teaching Self Family Video Projects Recipe testing for clients Private classes Karen and I got to know each other when I lived in Iowa (she still does) and we have stayed in touch since my move a…

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