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The Value In Your Communications (AKA Marketing)

By Ginger Johnson | Dec 2, 2015

Marketing is communication. If you’ve heard me speak in person, followed me here, Twitter and other places you’ll know Rule #1 = Know Your Market. So let me give you the gift of insight this holiday season as it relates to your future business success and your marketing endeavors. Marketing…

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Marketing Exercise: Part 2, Question Replies

By Ginger Johnson | Nov 24, 2015

Yesterday I shared the story of my most recent hosting of a business event and the marketing exercise I did to open it up. I promised the replies from the exercise I conducted. So here they are. What is marketing? Communication (11), show casing, business, awareness (2), honest belief, networking…

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Marketing Exercise: Part 1, Ask The Questions

By Ginger Johnson | Nov 23, 2015

I’m a member of a local Chamber of Commerce. Not because it drives a lot of business for me. Not by a long shot. What it does do is provide one avenue to keep me sharp. I hone my chops and practice my presenting skills. I’ve made some terrific new…

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What Do Mustang Sally And Elizabeth Gilbert Have In Common?

By Ginger Johnson | Nov 18, 2015

“All you wanna do is ride around Sally / Ride, Sally, ride…” You’ve likely heard the familiar refrain from the Wilson Pickett original, Mustang Sally. It’s catchy and now I hope it’s in your head from a while… That song implanted in your head (you’re welcome), I found myself dancing…

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What’s Your Business Lineage?

By Ginger Johnson | Nov 9, 2015

When you pause to look at where you came from, what do you see? What’s your business lineage? I’m talking about the path you took to get where you are. What’s that look like, what will you mimic moving forward, what will you change looking back, and why does it…

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Business Cornerstones

By Ginger Johnson | Nov 2, 2015

In cleaning files this week, I came across this list I wrote in 2009. It all still stands true. Business Cornerstones Use commemorative stamps. Always use live engaged people to answer the phone. If nothing else a message service that is easily accessible and navigable. Always say Thank you with…

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Adding Value To A Commodity Product

By Ginger Johnson | Oct 30, 2015

How do you add value to a product that has commodity status? No, it’s not a riddle or opener of a joke. Let’s start by defining what a commodity is. According to our friends at provide us with this explanation.  Friend and colleague Mike Kallenberger touches on beer and…

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Success You Had….

By Ginger Johnson | Oct 28, 2015

Recently I was cleaning out some files from a box that’s moved with me across country through various residences. It was time to fish or cut bait with the heavy box of papers. Time to cut bait. Inside the box lived an assortment of large mailing envelopes with papers my…

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Where Is Your Quality On Display?

By Ginger Johnson | Oct 22, 2015

For some of us, me included, it’s sometimes a challenge to “show” people our quality standards. We have testimonial pages, offer brochures (virtual & hard copy), reference various re/sources…yet it’s difficult for some to wrap their minds around a service as capable of a quality component. Having returned from the…

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Slay The Dragon Of Objection

By Ginger Johnson | Oct 9, 2015

No! No thanks. No thank you. Nope. Ummm…. I don’t think so. You’ll have to ask someone else. I’m not the one who can sign off on this project. There are as many ways to say no as there are people who say it. Saying no, as I’ve told a…

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3 Things I’ve Learned From My Fine Husband

By Ginger Johnson | Oct 6, 2015

3 Things I’ve Learned From My Fine Husband Asking questions is a great way to start a conversation. Further, open-ended questions are really the key here. Closed ended = short conversations. Open ended = where opportunity happens. Do your research. He’s excellent at digging around the Internet in particular. While…

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The Worth Of Your Time

By Ginger Johnson | Sep 29, 2015

What’s worth doing, and what’s not? Said another way, what’s worth your time and what’s not? It was a thought that came out of my August sabbatical, a self-imposed work break I gave myself this year. It was an element of my thinking about and through what I wanted to…

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Living In Your Cobweb

By Ginger Johnson | Sep 23, 2015

What does your cobweb look like? Is it one dimensional, where you can move to one spot and see the entire thing like a flat vinyl record album? Is it few dimensional, with lots of attachments to anchors and still sprawling? Perhaps it’s a cloud looking structure where you can’t…

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SBDC Workshop Feedback

By Ginger Johnson | Sep 16, 2015

“Hi Ginger – Wow, I really enjoyed your SBDC lunch talk last week! Thank you for so many great ideas; the yellow sweater [tip] was particularly memorable, but I also appreciated the reminders about knowing yourself and your why’s, and taking care of yourself. I’m looking forward to receiving the…

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Playing Second Fiddle

By Ginger Johnson | Sep 8, 2015

“The most difficult instrument to play well is second fiddle.” Think of marketing as your fiddle section. The fiddles, also known as violins, are the strong and resonate instruments of your peace: your business. So what do you want your business to communicate? Since marketing is communication, know what you…

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Love Your Business, Learn Your Business

By Ginger Johnson | Sep 5, 2015

Love Your Business, Learn Your Business Personal Workshop & Coaching Series Ginger Johnson, Business expert, Instructor To know your business is to love and be successful in it. Host your own intentionally intimate class for in-planning and brand new businesses of up to 3 years for comprehensive education on these…

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SBDC Testimonial

By Ginger Johnson | Sep 1, 2015

“Many of our clients cringe when they think about marketing their businesses; they believe their products and services should simply sell themselves.  This is why I asked Ginger to deliver her What the Heck is Marketing? presentation.  Her style was so engaging, funny, and personable.  Afterwards, participants told me how…

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What The Heck Is Marketing??!!

By Ginger Johnson | Aug 20, 2015

With a hat tip to the SBDC of Southern Oregon, I’ve been invited to present What The Heck Is Marketing?? today. Simply show up or register as desired. Like the topic? Need the topic? Book me now to present it to your crew, team, and audience. Marketing is an oft…

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Amortizing Consultants

By Ginger Johnson | Aug 11, 2015

How do you quantify brain power? When you hire someone, how do you wrap your own head around what their product is (brain power, knowledge, experience, enthusiasm) and what that’s worth? As a consultant, it’s a prescient question and one every business operator needs to think about. I think about…

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Real Estate For Your Brand

By Ginger Johnson | Aug 3, 2015

The last time you looked around, what sort of room to grow your brand did you notice? From your email signature to your business cards, billboards to hard copy mail, there’s loads of opportunity for those looking for it. Here’s the kicker: with so much noise assaulting us from millions…

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Near Hit or Near Miss?

By Ginger Johnson | Jul 27, 2015

Which are you hoping for today: A near hit or a near miss? It’s the same concept as asking: are you going towards something or away from something? Your perspective has everything to do with your vantage point and hence your action. Knowing you can only control your self and…

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