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SBDC Testimonial

By Ginger Johnson | Sep 1, 2015

“Many of our clients cringe when they think about marketing their businesses; they believe their products and services should simply sell themselves.  This is why I asked Ginger to deliver her What the Heck is Marketing? presentation.  Her style was so engaging, funny, and personable.  Afterwards, participants told me how…

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What The Heck Is Marketing??!!

By Ginger Johnson | Aug 20, 2015

With a hat tip to the SBDC of Southern Oregon, I’ve been invited to present What The Heck Is Marketing?? today. Simply show up or register as desired. Like the topic? Need the topic? Book me now to present it to your crew, team, and audience. Marketing is an oft…

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Amortizing Consultants

By Ginger Johnson | Aug 11, 2015

How do you quantify brain power? When you hire someone, how do you wrap your own head around what their product is (brain power, knowledge, experience, enthusiasm) and what that’s worth? As a consultant, it’s a prescient question and one every business operator needs to think about. I think about…

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Real Estate For Your Brand

By Ginger Johnson | Aug 3, 2015

The last time you looked around, what sort of room to grow your brand did you notice? From your email signature to your business cards, billboards to hard copy mail, there’s loads of opportunity for those looking for it. Here’s the kicker: with so much noise assaulting us from millions…

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Near Hit or Near Miss?

By Ginger Johnson | Jul 27, 2015

Which are you hoping for today: A near hit or a near miss? It’s the same concept as asking: are you going towards something or away from something? Your perspective has everything to do with your vantage point and hence your action. Knowing you can only control your self and…

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Are You Leading Or Managing: Round 2

By Ginger Johnson | Jul 23, 2015

On Wednesday, I published what incidentally became Part 1 of today’s Part 2. Today I’ll explode the view, as promised. “The difference between management and leadership 1 Managers work to get their employees to do what they did yesterday, but a little faster and a little cheaper. 2 Leaders, on…

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Marketing: Are You Managing Or Leading And Does It Matter?

By Ginger Johnson | Jul 22, 2015

There’s a lot of talk lately on Leadership. Leadership’s always been around, whether it’s had a title or not. It seems we want to lump Managers into the sheep herding category, feckless folks who simply are in place to follow orders, follow the drum beat, and follow (the) suit. Leaders,…

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Shoppers Aren’t Naive: They Simply Need Help

By Ginger Johnson | Jul 20, 2015

Shoppers are savvy. Make every assumption of that positive. What seems to be naiveté sometimes is simply a lack of knowledge, available information, and assistance in getting the message. They’re smart. They’re just waiting so go help them out. In a really worthwhile article, Delving Into The Mind Of A…

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Learning In Public

By Ginger Johnson | Jul 16, 2015

“It takes a lot of guts to learn in public.” – S. Wilson Wilson’s right. When we put ourselves at the mercy of the public when learning something new, it’s a risk many are averse to. And learning something new regularly is how we will survive and thrive. Change is…

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“My Favorite Word”

By Ginger Johnson | Jul 13, 2015

There is one word – My favorite – The very, very best. It isn’t No or Maybe, It’s Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, YES! “Yes, yes, you may,” and “Yes, of course,” and “Yes, please help yourself.” And when I want a piece of cake, “Why, yes. It’s on the shelf.”…

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Sing A Song Of Marketing

By Ginger Johnson | Jul 3, 2015

What’s your theme song? That’s right – what’s the ditty, jingle, number that describes who you are, what you do, why, and with whom? This morning for a business meeting with 30 seconds to make an impression, I took a popular culture jingle and reworded it to fit my message.…

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Filling Empty Space

By Ginger Johnson | Jul 3, 2015

When you have empty spaces around you, what do you fill them with? Let’s start with the spaces first: Where are they, what purpose do they perhaps serve, what could they do better, and how sees them? If you have a room with no people in it, does it feel…

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How To Market To New Customers

By Ginger Johnson | Jun 25, 2015

1. Send select targeted strategic hard copy mail to a well-managed list. 2. Practice Permission Marketing. 3. Follow the guidelines of the CAN-SPAM Act. 4. Regularly (quarterly, as instance demands) clean and manage your mail, email, etc. lists. 5. Only send email solicitations to people you have met and have…

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How Not To Market To New Customers

By Ginger Johnson | Jun 24, 2015

1. Send blind list mailings. 2. Practice non-permission marketing. 3. Violate the CAN-SPAM Act. 4. Never clean your lists – mail, email, all of them. 5. Send an unsolicited email and then offer “unsubscribe” from a list they didn’t subscribe to. 6. Send catalogs without request. 7. Sell, give, share,…

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What If

By Ginger Johnson | Jun 23, 2015

What if you had shared that piece of information you chose to hold back? What if you asked for the sale? What if you shared a personal experience that was relevant to their situation, not simply to tell a story? What if they asked you more questions and you didn’t…

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Before The Parade (Opportunity) Passes By

By Ginger Johnson | Jun 10, 2015

Yesterday I was happy to partner with a local Chamber of Commerce to offer a business marketing workshop. Specifically, the Ashland Chamber invited me to join them in presenting an hour-long conversation on Smart & Green Parade marketing. Getting business and organizational entity folks to get rid of the candy…

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Marketing Gold Dust

By Ginger Johnson | Jun 3, 2015

“UGC is marketing Gold Dust.” – Neil Witten, StoryStream This was among the many gems I have taken with me from the inaugural Whistler Bike conference. Hosted in gorgeous Whistler, British Columbia Canada, it was a remarkable endeavor which I found very successful on about every level. The folks at…

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TEDxNapaValley: A Hammer, Beer & Women

By Ginger Johnson | May 28, 2015
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What Makes A Speaker “Good”?

By Ginger Johnson | Apr 7, 2015

Hear yea, Hear yea! Hey…I’m talking to you…yes you. What makes a good speaker? Stated more succinctly, what makes a speaker attractive, engaging, and worth your ear time? There’s such a rush in listening to a truly talented speaker – they could be talking about anything. The best teachers are…

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Service and Experience

By Ginger Johnson | Apr 7, 2015

Many people mistake customer service for the customer experience.  Are you being served? What’s your experience? Let’s bust that wide open today and correct course. Customer Service: Service is what you give. It’s all the effort, thought, energy and actions you put forth into serving. The servant mentality is a…

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Why Gender Equity Is Important In Marketing

By Ginger Johnson | Apr 7, 2015

Think about it: when was the last time you noticed a printed advertisement? What was the message, the company, the item they were promoting? What about the last online ad you took notice of? Why did it linger in your grey matter? Was t a timely message? A striking image?…

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