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3 Classic Business Connecting Practices

If you’ve been with me for a bit, you know I love to share connecting tactics – practices that help us be and stay connected with other people. In this short video,…

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Don’t Seek Like-Minded People

“I like to connect with like-minded people.” It’s a refrain I often read & see from invites in online platforms. It’s also the wrong way to think about connecting. As long as…

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10 Day Connecting Challenge Day 10

Day 10 #10DayConnectingChallenge Did you do the work? Did you follow along? Did you embrace the exercises and grow?   To be a connector, means to be doing the work (like the…

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10 Day Connecting Challenge Day 9

Day 9 #10DayConnectingChallenge   How do you stay inspired, whether during a lock down or with open access to the world? Why do you want to connect with other people to begin…

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10 Day Connecting Challenge Day 8

It’s time to Egg somebody on ~ As I write this Day 8 Challenge, it’s Easter Sunday. What a perfect theme!   Here’s our exercise: 1. Think of somebody who you care…

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10 Day Connecting Challenge Day 7

Day 7 #10DayConnectingChallenge   If you’re still doing the work, GOOD FOR YOU!! Connecting on purpose takes real effort and dedication. I’m cheering you on – keep going. You’re over half way…

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10 Day Connecting Challenge Day 6

Like the incline control on a treadmill, it’s time to up the ante. Day 6 = incline. Amp the game, push further, more, for greater growth and impact.   Day 6 #10DayConnectingChallenge…

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10 Day Connecting Challenge Day 5

Day 5 #10DayConnectingChallenge   So… how’re you doing with the challenge? Are you doing the work? Accomplishing the Exercises? Recording them in your Guidelog? PROPS if you are – keep going~ If…

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10 Day Connecting Challenge Day 4

WOOHOO!! First, pat yourself on the back ~ You’re Doing The Work ~ Doing the work already separates you from the rest of the wanna’s and maybe’s. You’re a DOER. Connectors DO.…

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10 Day Connecting Challenge Day 3

Day 3 #10DayConnectingChallenge Connecting with yourself matters. Feeling like you know your own vision – your Why, as I call it – is tantamount to creating the life you love. (you can…

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10 Day Connecting Challenge: Day 2

Just joining us? Here’s the whole scoop for this Challenge + Day 1 Day 2 #10DayConnectingChallenge  Today’s effort promotes the classic connecting communication: writing. That’s right (and write!), you’re charged with writing…

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10 Day Connecting Challenge: Day 1

Day One #10DayConnectingChallenge (yes, this means today…right now): Choose one person you love – someone you’ve not been in touch with or talked to for more than a year. Choose a friend,…

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10 Day Connecting Challenge

#10DayConnectingChallenge with Ginger Welcome & Props! For being willing to grow and put some structure to your human connecting efforts. Plan on doing this together: I’m going to do the same exercises…

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Positive Objective Willing In a word, POW is a trifecta of core traits of connectors. Positive stems from your Why & Mindset. They’re the first two elements of purposeful human connection. Objective…

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How To Stay Connected In A Crazy World

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Use An Org Chart As A Clarity Tool

“An organization chart is a graphical representation of relationships between an organization’s departments, functions and people.” – Creately A few years ago I client told me about org charts. Specifically how they…

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Being Proactive

As I write this post, the world is in an extraordinary state of affairs. Several countries have lost many people to a pandemic, shifting economies and every day ways of doing. It’d…

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Don’t Freak Out. Do Keep Connecting. Here’s How.

Question for you today:   How do you weather a storm? How do you stay connected with people when there are real restrictions – When there’s a scare of contamination, simply by…

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Who Is Your Website For?

Your website if not for you. It’s for your customers, your community, your past present and future clients. A public website is all about communication with the world. It’s your unique singular…

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You Only Have One Why

  Workshop guest: I really enjoyed your [Making Positive Connections] workshop. So did my co-workers! Very fun and engaging. Take Care, B Me: Great to hear it, B. Thanks for the feedback.…

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An Everyday Connecting Story

“I spent the day in a neighboring town finishing up the selection of materials for my bathroom remodel and doing a little shopping. At each place I stopped I found myself striking…

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