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Elements of Connectivity Part 2: Mindset

By Ginger Johnson | Sep 2, 2019

Mindset When I was a little girl, once in a while my parents would sit me down and tell me I needed an attitude adjustment. What they were seeing, that I was not, was that my attitude was off. That instead of being happy or helpful or whatever, I was…

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Elements of Connectivity Part 1: Why

By Ginger Johnson | Sep 1, 2019

Why. Our vision, our purpose. It’s the number one element of Connectivity and the first step we take toward becoming a connector. To get clear we must dedicate time to doing so. Here’s what I recommend. Reserve 30 minutes on your calendar, on a set time and day on a…

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What Are Your Biggest Connecting Challenges?

By Ginger Johnson | Aug 30, 2019

Tell me: what are your biggest connecting challenges? Do you struggle with knowing how to walk into a room and meet someone new? Are you letting your vert status hold you back (i.e. you identify as an Introvert)? Are you unsure how to open a conversation? Is not knowing anyone…

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Connecting Is An Art

By Ginger Johnson | Aug 19, 2019

Art: (noun) the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance. Years ago when I was a middle school art teacher, I can distinctly recall many a discussion around the following question: “What is art?” The query was…

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Learn How To Swim

By Ginger Johnson | Aug 19, 2019

Züc surprised himself. He’s really clear on his intentions in life: to always be close to his sister. To always know where his humans are. And to always be in a state of happiness, usually play, when not napping, chasing stuff or eating. So he surprised himself when he learned…

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Start Learning How To Connect

By Ginger Johnson | Aug 18, 2019

If you want to become a connector – or a better connector – here are some tactics to employ today. 1. Greet people you meet in your every day life. Say hello to the grocer, to the checker, to the sanitation hauler, to the next person in line. 2. Smile.…

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Trust Yourself, Have Faith

By Ginger Johnson | Aug 17, 2019

I was sitting at my desk and wondering, “do I go ahead and send this person an invite?” The invite is to an event I’m hosting – the person is someone I’ve known for almost a decade. “Of course you do, Ginger! They want to know what you’re up to.”…

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Connectivity Isn’t

By Ginger Johnson | Aug 16, 2019

Connecting isn’t: • networking • glad-handing • the card shove • “should” • “have-to” • collecting business cards • digital media followers • a numbers game • fake, phony, forced excerpt, Connectivity Canon Can’t wait for more? (either could I!) Get your own copy here, now – read & start…

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Try This: Connecting Tactics

By Ginger Johnson | Aug 15, 2019

Try This Think about it: Where do you tend to meet people? How do interactions begin? What becomes of some of them? When you do connect, how does it typically unfold? There are myriad ways to dip your toes into the connecting waters. Try starting within your own neighborhood. When…

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Connectivity and Transformation

By Ginger Johnson | Aug 13, 2019

“Every transformation has the opportunity to build confidence and capabilities.” – Mary Lue Peck, NSA CEO Connectivity = creating and developing meaningful relationships on purpose with the intent to serve other people. Transformation = to change, usually by choice; life. Opportunity = a possibility that will propel someone, something forward;…

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3 Ways To Connect Today

By Ginger Johnson | Aug 9, 2019

1. Write someone you care about a postcard or letter. They’re waiting to hear from you! Mail is very personal and much more rare these days. It’s make a big impact. 2. Go visit someone. Being with people, face to live face is impactful and truly meaningful. If you think…

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3 Ways To Be A Better Speaker To Connect With Audiences

By Ginger Johnson | Aug 7, 2019

Connecting with your audience is key in effectively communicating with people. It’s not about lecturing or talking ‘at’ or ‘to’ someone – it’s about talking with someone. It’s about adding value to their life, not to hear yourself talk. Today I want to share 3 ways you can become a…

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Books & Reading

By Ginger Johnson | Aug 2, 2019

As a guest on Louise H Reid’s podcast, I was asked a very clarifying question: “If you have your book in one hand, which book is in the other?” oof. As I told Louise, why don’t you ask me a tougher question?! As in, which one would I choose –…

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How Are You Developing Your Connecting Skills?

By Ginger Johnson | Aug 1, 2019

Look at your day ahead. Who will you connect with? Why? What’s the purpose of connecting with them? If it’s only to get something from them, try to sell them something, or other banal reason, pause a moment. Rethink: how can I make this usually sterile and perfunctory interaction personal?…

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Intergenerational Connecting

By Ginger Johnson | Jul 29, 2019

“Children who have been in intergenerational care, every administrator I’ve talked with has said, when our kids go into public school, or regular classrooms, we hear from those schools and principals that they are the best behaved, they are the most accepting of other children with differences, they are more…

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What Challenges are Resolved by Learning How to Connect

By Ginger Johnson | Jul 26, 2019

Connectivity: why & how to connect with people on purpose, with an intent to serve others. It’s about creating and developing real, human to human relationships. Do you have some challenges you’d really like to resolve? Here’s a short list of what Connectivity can do for you, when you learn…

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Add LinkedIn To Your Connecting Efforts

By Ginger Johnson | Jul 23, 2019

I met Nellie at a recent conference I was invited to speak at. It was a fun experience to meet her  – we had a couple of lively engaging conversations. She’s a perfect example of the fact that there are great connections to be made everywhere! Today I want to…

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How Low-Stakes Friendships Boost Connectivity

By Ginger Johnson | Jul 22, 2019

Worthy excerpts from NYTimes article by Allie Volpe, published 5.6.19 Why You Need A Network Of Low-Stakes Casual Friendships “Taking a few minutes to engage with people we see regularly or joining a group — such as a religious group, a sports team or a hobby meetup — has been…

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Connectivity Exercise

By Ginger Johnson | Jul 19, 2019

Close your eyes. Picture yourself in your home. You’re getting ready for work. Maybe you want to go, maybe you don’t. All the same, you’re going.   See yourself as the most confident and competent version of yourself. See yourself in whatever clothing makes you feel like a positive force…

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How Would It Feel

By Ginger Johnson | Jul 18, 2019

Ask yourself: How would it feel to confidently stride into your own planet of work each day, Able to handle whatever’s headed your way? How would it feel to be competent in your duties, projects and tasks? What could it mean to your life and career you’re serving in the…

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Connectivity Math

By Ginger Johnson | Jul 17, 2019

The Connectivity framework helps people figure out their why. Why = purpose. From there, it’s all mindset – aka attitude. From there – into strategy & tactics. Here’s the math:             (Why + Mindset) + (Strategy + Tactics) = Connecting For the record, there are a few things Connectivity is…

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