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Connecting is a Hug

By Ginger Johnson | Jul 16, 2019

We’re all navigating our own cosmos – an incredible community galaxy. Connecting is a handshake, it’s a hug. A cosmic hug for all of us.   What is connectivity, then? Creating and developing meaningful relationships – connections – on purpose, with an intent to serve. It’s the galaxy of our…

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Connecting and Vert Status

By Ginger Johnson | Jul 14, 2019

How we self-identify is up to us. The words we use to describe ourselves are totally valid – it’s our choice, after all. What I’d encourage everyone to do in choosing how they wish to be identified, is to take a serious look at Vert Status. Introvert, extrovert, ambivert –…

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“I’m so glad you called!”

By Ginger Johnson | Jul 13, 2019

If you send more emails than make phone calls… If you send more texts than make phone calls… Then I’m going to encourage you to shift, starting right now. When you feel the impulse to email, pick up your phone and make a call instead. When you feel the urge…

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Connected Business Requires Growth

By Ginger Johnson | Jul 12, 2019

Is your business connected? Are you growing the relationships that move you forward – or simply settling for what is? Or worse, closed to growth and learning? It’s interesting to have people ask me, “What do you do?” Wherein I explain my expertise (Connectivity) to which they almost invariably and…

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Connect With What You Love To Do

By Ginger Johnson | Jul 10, 2019

It’s a random summer weekday. A Wednesday, in fact. And on this random Wednesday, some friends came over for breakfast. Now, it’s very normal for friends to come to my home for breakfast, brunch, dinner…what have you. I’m a dinner party come-join-us-for-a-meal Queen. What’s different about today is that, well,…

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Connectivity And Judging

By Ginger Johnson | Jul 8, 2019

Have you ever been invited to judge something? Well, last week – over the July 4th holiday – I was invited to judge a parade. Having no idea what was involved, I happily accepted, trusting it’d likely all become clear to me with a little instruction and guidance. In short,…

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Double Down

By Ginger Johnson | Jun 26, 2019

Doubling down means to get clear. Focus. Discipline ourselves to do the thing that really makes and impact, the real thing that needs to get done to improve the world and serve our people. It’s NOT busy work, stuff that needs filing, shuffling papers around your desk, organizing anything. It’s…

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Connect Listen Serve

By Ginger Johnson | Jun 24, 2019

Who will you connect with today? How will you listen? What will you do to serve someone else? Connectivity is about all three of these elements. Connectivity requires we take action. Action built on listening to listen, not to respond or formulate our own story in reply. Service comes from…

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Connectivity Helps Groups

By Ginger Johnson | Jun 21, 2019

What does connectivity “do” for groups, you may ask? Plenty.   Connecting fosters professionalism. Connectors cohere better together. Connectors communicate better. Connectors come together, quickly, over any issue. Connectivity fosters consensus and constructive debate.   If you have a group you’re part of, bring connectivity into the mix. Apply the…

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By Ginger Johnson | Jun 20, 2019

Sitting outside of Starbucks, watching the world come and go. It’s easy to assume our actions are all intentional. In truth, they are not. How connected to our activities are we, really? Do we think it all through in advance? Do we plot, plan and execute? Do we leave a…

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How Do You Control The Energy In The Room?

By Ginger Johnson | Jun 18, 2019

This question was posed to me by adept business person, Tony Whatley. He was interviewing me for his podcast and we were rolling right along…. When he asked the question, How do you control the energy in the room?, I knew he understood connectivity. Controlling the energy in a room…

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Connectivity, World Cup Soccer and Text Messages

By Ginger Johnson | Jun 17, 2019

Four years ago, I succumbed to the intoxication of being a fan at a global sporting event: World Cup soccer. My Fine Husband had played the sport growing up and had taken a family trip to a Cup series when it was in the US with his family years ago.…

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Ginger Johnson, Speaker | Author | Connector

By Ginger Johnson | Jun 14, 2019
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By Ginger Johnson | Jun 7, 2019

excerpt, Connectivity Canon Chapter Four: Why & Mindset continued from previous post… In my experience, you can draw a direct straight line between practicing an objective, willing and positive attitude and your progress. The realizations of your actions to connect manifest because of mindset; it brings it all to life.…

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Mindset = Mental Attitude (Canon excerpt)

By Ginger Johnson | Jun 5, 2019

Mindset must be a few things for connectivity to really take hold and flourish: objective, willing and positive for starters.

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Reaching Out

By Ginger Johnson | Jun 4, 2019

“I appreciate you reaching out.“   If you ever doubt that reaching out – phone calls, emails, texts, video messages – are worthwhile, remember the quote above. It came from one of my connections, prompted by me checking in with her. Simply inquiring – what’s going on, what are you…

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Connecting In An Herb Garden

By Ginger Johnson | Jun 3, 2019

“I was in the herb garden at my old job downtown Dallas when Ginger struck up a conversation with me…that was awesome and we have been friends ever since and that was a few years ago…” – Chef & friend, Jan Loov

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What’s Your Why? (Canon excerpt)

By Ginger Johnson | Jun 3, 2019

Chapter Four Why & Mindset excerpt from Connectivity Canon, all rights reserved What’s Your Why When I describe connectivity, and distinguish it from networking, one important differentiator is a sense of deep purpose. This is so fundamental as a place to start that I found myself calling it “the Why.”…

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Love In The Airport

By Ginger Johnson | May 29, 2019

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Meeting or Your Life?

By Ginger Johnson | May 29, 2019

I reserved the dates in my caledendar, in ink on paper. It’s the way I’ve kept my life in order for years. The dates were dedicated for a good friend, to help them work toward a significant life transformation. Happy and eager to support my friend, ink seemed appropriate. A…

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47 People

By Ginger Johnson | May 14, 2019

What if you were asked to connect with 47 people in one day? How would that make you feel? Would you welcome it, enthusiastically? Would it make you say, “What??!!” Would I be watching you quickly fade away from my view, running for the hills? Would you shrug your shoulders…

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