Books & Reading

As a guest on Louise H Reid’s podcast, I was asked a very clarifying question:

“If you have your book in one hand, which book is in the other?”


As I told Louise, why don’t you ask me a tougher question?!

As in, which one would I choose – from all the books I’ve read?

Folks, I’ve read thousands of books. I’m a voracious reader and as far as my memory serves me, I’ve been reading my entire life.

So to ask me that question is to put me squarely in the spotlight. Which ONE.

Since I read across genre, making choices from a crazy space of darn near open to anything, choosing one is pert’near impossible….

Well, even though I did provide a reply, I also offered to send her my book list. In doing so, I figured – why not share it with everyone!? So here it is. (note: it’s only the last many books…. my whole list is muuuuuch longer).

And do share: What are you reading?

The Art Of Gathering, Priya Parker

The List, Patricia Forde

Ruby & Olivia, Rachel Hawkins

Gypsy Crown, Kate Forsyth

Allister Grim’s Odditorium, Gregory Funaro

Roller Girl, Victoria Jamieson

The War That Saved My Life, Kimberly Brubaker Bradley

(note: My Mom in law and I are reading through the Caldecott and Newbery books)

Snowflake Bentley, J Briggs Martin & Mary Azarian

The Late Starters Orchestra, Ari L Goldman

Holes, Louis Sacher

From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E Frankweiler, E L Koningsburg

Thrive, Arianna Huffington

Life’s Golden Ticket, Brendon Burchard

When Kambria Elaine Flew In From Neptune, Lori Amelia Williams

Dr. Seuss and Mr. Geisel, Judith and Neil Morgan

On Rue Tatin, Susan Hermann Loomis

We Need To Talk, Celeste Headlee

Crucial Conversations

and it keeps going…