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Last week, I had the pleasure of being invited to return and speak at Southern Oregon University’s School of Business Speaker Series.

They invite guests who have an interesting story to share, lessons and likely inspiration to share with the student body.

The first they had me in, my primary topic I was focused on another business.

This time, it was all about Connectivity.

Connecting people on purpose, with the intent to serve other people.

Since a big part of my experience as a business person is marketing, here’s how I set up the room for my address:

Connectivity = Communication = Marketing = Connectivity….

When we’re connected to who we are and therefore the activities in our lives, everything is possible.

Here’s what I shared.

Insights from my business adventures that have helped move me forward:

  1. Be positively excited about what you choose to invest your life in
  2. Get out when it’s not positively exciting or gratifying – you’re wasting everyone’s time starting with your own
  3. Be a force for good, wherever you choose to put your brains and energies
  4. Be thoughtful to your choices – on a big picture scale, starting with everyday choices
  5. Sleep on every major decision, however ‘major’ it is to you
  6. Seek advice from people who will have wise words to share; never from sympathetic friends and relations, colleagues and neighbors who like or love you yet are unqualified
  7. Protect your assets. I had to initiate a lawyer because someone intentionally stole my logo for their own gain…good thing I had registered it for protection (still stunk)
  8. Save money, put it aside
  9. Try whatever looks interesting to you. Chutzpah will always out maneuver ‘talent’
  10. Know and practice the Givers Gain
  11. Live within your means; learn how to manage you money, get help throughout your life
  12. Invest in yourself, all through your life. Interview and hire coaches
  13. Express gratitude daily.
  14. A lot.
  15. Be curious, be interested, ask questions
  16. Preparation and discipline work
  17. Dress up
  18. Be a steward, not a consumer
  19. Ask for help when you need and want it, don’t be a whiner, get to it
  20. Be a diplomat, be kind, be generous, be direct, be objective, be willing
  21. Shed toxic relationships on & offline, clean house once in a while to do so
  22. Follow up & Follow through
  23. Say Please & Thank you, utilize eye contact and a solid handshake, be gracious

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