Canon Topics: Seeking Your Stories

If you have a story you want to share with me on Connecting and Connectivity, please do.

If you’re willing to have me consider including it in the upcoming book, the Connectivity Canon, I’d be grateful for the opportunity! Email me here.

Here are the chapters, in progress:

  • Connectivity is…
  • Connectivity Isn’t…
  • Why & Mindset
  • First Move / how to make contact
  • Y In The Road / yes (stay) or go (keep moving on)
  • Follow Your Path / what’s next after the Y
  • FUFT / follow up & follow through
  • Permission Slips to disconnect / unconnecting
  • Resources

Interested in being a Beta Reader of the draft chapters & feel qualified to provide constructive feedback? That’d be swell too. Same email applies.

The book is due later Spring to early Summer. Thanks.

Keep connecting.

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