What Three Things Connect You The Most?

Ask yourself: if I had to group the THINGS I did each day, toward my vision and my life’s work, into 3 basic groups, what groups would those be?

When I ask myself that, my three are Speak, Teach, Write.

How did I get to that clarity point? With an Org Chart.

A few years ago a client of mine brought the idea up in one of our conversations. They told me that in creating an Org Chart for their work, they clarified easily what fit and what didn’t.

It’s been a life changer for me to use and reference my Org Charts.

Org charts clarify your work.

Here’s a picture of the simple tool at work in my world HQ. ⇒

Simple is key for clarity and focus. 

At a recent conference I keynoted, I shared this tool. In the hours following the keynote, several people I spoke with indicated they found that piece of the talk to be of particular value. The tool is simple, easy and clear.

Start with the three main groups or categories of what means the most, then build out from there.

Here’s a video on how to create your own Org Chart.

This tool has been so important and effectively useful for me, I share it every chance I can.

Make one for yourself – and know the first few versions (and maybe for a while) will be messy. That’s totally real and expected. We have to go through some mud to get to the clarity we seek.

Want more on how to connect? The Connectivity Canon is a great resource as well.

More still? I’m available to come to you to deliver useful and effective talks. Call to tell me what you’re seeking.

Excellent Examples of Websites Well-Connected to Their Mission

As I set out to redo my own website, I want to share a few sites by a few remarkable people.

They’re examples of very well designed, clear & savvy sites to provide the necessary and desired information for their audiences.

Win Without Pitching

Kindra Hall

Mel Robbins

Brendon Burchard

When you’re communicating with your audience, you’re connecting. Connectivity is the foundation for marketing as well. And marketing is communication – it’s a very virtuous circle.

What sites do you admire for clean & clear execution, well-connected to the mission of the person and business?

Tell me in the comments below, thanks.

Cornfields, Cows and Connecting

The day started for me before the sun was a glimmer in the sky.

The air outside was cool, some would call it cold. Having grown up in a robustly 4-season state, I find it refreshing and welcome. A bracing slight breeze accompanied me to my car, as I headed on down the road to deliver a talk on Connectivity to a Rotary club an hour and twenty minutes away. (Thank Bryan and the whole Columbus Morning Rotary Club for the warm welcome + Picket Fence Cafe for the hearty breakfast)

Yes, you read that right: 80 full minutes away. One way.

Pulling into the town, still pre-dawn, searching for the glow of the cafe windows where I was to meet my contact, creeping along.

Ah – there it is…..find a parking space, pull up, park the car.

Before heading inside, gathering my thoughts one more time and gear for the guests awaiting a worthwhile talk, I was excited.

What fires you up, and down a pre-dawn cold highway?

Here’s the inside secret: I’m ALWAYS excited to be invited to speak.

It’s more than my profession. It’s my obsession.

Speaking and delivering – sharing, giving, serving – the why & how of connectivity makes my world go round. The opportunity to help people learn and think and often rethink how we are connected to who we are, what we pursue and why is intoxicating for me.

There’s nothing else I’d prefer to do; no where in those moments that I’d rather be.


When I turned the corner to connectivity, I was quite sure that the idea was one whose time had come. I’m absolutely convicted of that now. Unshakably, enthusiastically and impatiently so.

Driving past miles of cornfield, standing cattle, barns, more vast cornfields, elevators and everything that makes our heartland beat, I found myself smiling unconsciously. When I realized it, I grinned….

If what fires up your belly, brain and heart makes you grin – helps you get up in pre-dawn cold weather, you’ve chosen your path. I’m pursuing my path with connectivity. Cows and cornfields included. There’s no place I’d rather be, nothing I’d rather be doing.

Is your life the one you want to live? Are you connected with your fire?

If so, tell me about it.

If no, go find it. Get help, figure it out. Tell me how I can help.

Living is the whole part of life. Connect to it.

Connectivity Builds Better Business Connections

Do you want to build better business connections?


Aim to be a Connector. If you are one, great! You can always strive to improve.

Connectivity build better business relationships.

If you want to know how, stick around – reach out to me at ginger@gingerjohnson.com to learn more about how.

I talked with a gent this morning who is bringing me in to his team meeting in a few weeks….

Here’s the video I shot on this topic.

Two things struck me in talking with him:

  • Connectors have a sense of empathy and
  • They understand compassion.

We’re all part of this crazy human race, and these are two critical qualities of Connectors.

I am giving away 100 Talks in 4 months (1 – 4/2019) – if you want one, get in touch. I cover this area and so much more on Connectivity and we can fashion a best fit for you and your audience.

Remember, it’s a great day to connect.

If You Want To Speak, Seek Out Service Clubs

So, you want to speak? Alright – get to it!

Here’s one way you can do it: Reach out to service clubs.

Service clubs are terrific practice. If you’re unsure or you have a new message you want to practice, get out and contact service clubs.

I just got off the phone this morning with a gentleman, at a service club where I’m going to be traveling next week. And he invited me to speak. Great!

What a perfect opportunity to connect with terrific people already doing, changing, making things happen.

That’s a win win win win win – for everybody.

So if you want to speak, I highly recommend you look up the service clubs in your area – or where they are, where you’re traveling to. Offer yourself up as a speaker. Education is serving. Give them your all, and you’ll see momentum.

By the way, I’m giving away 100 talks in the next 4 months. If you want one, get in touch.

  • ginger@gingerjohnson.com
  • HQ 515.450.7757

One Of My Top Speaking Tactics

So, you want to be a good speaker?


Here’s one of my top tactics: Get to the room as soon as possible.

An hour before? Yes!

Waiting outside the room, only 15 minutes breaks between speakers? Yes!

Go in, meet every single person you can – rapidly, though not pushy.

Here’s my groove: [offer my hand, shake] “Hi, my name is Ginger. I’m glad you’re here. Tell me your name and one reason you’re here.”

Astounding impact.

They know right away that you’re engaged with them – and that you really care.

It helps you as a speaker in lots of ways.

Get to the room early, meet as many people as possible – and you will be more comfortable and confident in those talks.

If you want to me a confident and comfortable speaker, by connecting with your audiences, I can help. It’s exactly how I help my coaching clients. Call me if you want to work together on your speaking. My number is on the very bottom of this page.

Let me know how it goes for you in the comments below.

Your Why Is Your Purpose

Your Why is your purpose – it’s your intention.

It’s what makes you move forward.

When I wrote the Connectivity Canon, I wanted to be superdupercrystalclear on what my Why was.

The world doesn’t need another book! What it needs is more connectivity.

More you and me, being together, learning how to communicate, learning how to get along.

Learning how to talk about the great stuff, the sticky stuff and everything in between.

When we know our Why, that becomes easier.

So, if it’s a challenge for you to get to know people, the Canon is a great place to start.

And the most important place to start is Your Why.

Why do you do what you do?

Why do you even think this might be important, why does it matter? When you know your why, it drives everything else.

If you need to get your own copy, here’s a link.

Please comment below and tell me what your Why is.

If you’re on LinkedIn, here’s a video of this post as well.

Reading Is Another Tactic For Connecting

If you’ve ever walked into a room – or you’re planning to walk into the room and you want to connect with people, and you don’t know what you can talk about, I’ve got a solution.

One word: Read.

Read a lot, read whatever you like, read for pleasure, read for information, read for education.

I’m a huge reader and I keep track of what I read.

Readers are leaders.

And readers are often Connectors.

Because it’s common ground. It’s a topic you can talk about. It’s safe. It’s interesting. It’s provocative.

So if you struggle with how to connect with somebody and what to talk about?

I’d highly encourage you to read!

You can see my entire list for 2018 (so far!) here.

Please share what you’ve read below or via email.

Who’s Paying Attention To You?

Do you think people are paying attention to what you post?

Guess, what – they are.

Whether you feel like you’re out in the weeds by yourself, or you’re wondering if anybody even cares, and you’re only trying to hear yourself speak by putting video up or writing something and posting it – guess what: somebody is gonna pay attention.

Case in point: yesterday I updated by LinkedIn profile… And put some material on there that I should have updated a while ago.

I opened up my LinkedIn today and there are several dozen people saying, “hey Congrats!” “Way to go”…

And I’m thinking, I just updated – that stuff isn’t brand new!?!

People are paying attention and people want to participate – that’s called connectivity, that’s called community building.

The next time you think and you wonder, “why am I doing this – does this matter to anybody?” Know that it does!

Keep it coming from who you are, what you are, how you serve. People are there and they’re eager to connect. That was one sign for me today.

Special props to my LinkedIn coaches: Amy Jones & Kate Paine & Misfit Group….

Magic Boots

I’ve got magic boots.

  • They’re not magic in the way they’re made.
  • They’re not magic in the fact I got them from a genie.

They’re magic because they’re connecting boots.

They’re the craziest boots I’ve ever bought. I love boots. They’re super comfortable and kind of a signature thing for me….

And I realized that when I got these boots, I got something I loved. What I didn’t realize is that I got a connecting tool.

They have more sparkles on them than are in the Milky Way. It was a surprise even to me that I got them(!).

Every single time I wear them somebody makes a comment.

And it’s a positive comment. “Wow, great boots,” or “those are terrific!”

Something that’s very complementary.

I’ve learned that they’re a remarkable connecting tactic.

So when I teach about connectivity and how to get comfortable and confident connecting, one thing I love to highlight is the boots.

Not that everyone has to have a pair of boots.

Know though that everybody has something that makes them attractive and interesting and makes somebody else want to engage with them.

So, what are your boots? What is it that helps you attract and welcome people to who you are simply by being you?

Tell me in the comments below.