Choices: Action or Inaction?

Connectors make choices, as everyone does.

The first choice is to actually decide if you want to be a connector: someone who connects with people, on purpose, with the intent to serve other people.

Next choice: to be an action taker or not.

And actually, if you’re a connector and really possess the Why & Mindset of being a connector, you’ve already decided that you are an action taker.

See, a connector is a doer. Someone who wants to promote active movement, change and progress.

Taking action is naturally part of making decision and making changes.

If you’re connected to your own Why – what drives you forward, your own vision – then you’ll not only make choices, you’re want to make them. Making them is part of the empowerment of being a change maker.

If it sounds like I’m running us in circles here, good. It’s all cyclical: Connectors, Why, Mindset, Decisions, Action. They go ’round and ’round, and raise the bar with each revolution.

The converse is that people who are not connectors aren’t decision makers. They hold themselves back, they let themselves keep a death grip on excuses on inaction (aka excuses) in order to keep the status quo. That’s a recipe for a no-where-ever-fast-and-forever path.

Why would you do that to yourself? Why would you also do that to everyone around you, because everyone around you is impacted by your choices too.

Choices: Connectors aim for #1…not settling for 2nd place

It’s like the parents who say they don’t travel because they have kids.

No, you don’t travel because you don’t travel. Don’t you dare use the kids – that you chose to have or adopt – be the replacement for your own fears and bullshit.

I had someone recently connect with me on a platform and they were lamenting that they felt stuck in a job that was toxic. Oof…. while I have empathy for them, my immediate reaction was, well – get out – make a change. You’re a smart person, you can do it.

The response: Nope. It was a spiral of excuse, excuse, excuse.

That’s even more tragic – to allow yourself to wallow in your own excuses, to not live the life you really want to live – only for the reason that you’re letting your own self hold you back. Cause who else is impacted by your own selfishness to not improve, change, grow by making a decision???

Yep, everyone around you.

Mouths to feed? Me too. It’s not an excuse or a reason. It’s a cop-out.

If you really want something – like you’ve wanted something before or are jonesing for in the future, you find and make a way. Everything is possible. And that’s not star-eyed optimism. It’s the truth.

Choices are simple. While they may not always feel easy, once you’ve decided to decide, then the rest is academic. Make a damn choice. Choose something that makes you hum, drives you forward. Ditch the poor-me, it’s-too-hard. Isn’t it harder to wake up every day knowing that you’re wasting your precious life, doing something you hate??

No thanks.


Our days are full of choices.

Connectors choose to take action, one step and decision at a time.

Are you a connector?

Or are you listening to your own BS?

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