Do you like tahini? That wonderfully luscious sesame seed butter, that separates and you get to stir it up and enjoy every spoon licking morsel? (okay, so now you know I really like it).

Well, I noticed on the can of the brand I’ve been buying that they offered a free recipe booklet to those who send them a request.

First, it made me smile.

Wow…. I’ve not seen that offered in a while….

Then, I got excited – HECK YEA, I’m sending for it.

So what arrived in the mail a few days ago: the recipe booklet!

My very own copy to read, devour and inspire my culinary endeavors (cooking’s one of my favorite things to do, especially for other people… hint hint…).

And I gotta tell you: this is a Classic Connecting Tactic. It’s a brilliant and simple marketing move.

You make the offer to the customer reading – and usually having bought – the package.

  • They need to take action to get the goodie; they do.
  • You get to see who’s paying attention and engaging with your brand.
  • They get a simple, functional and meaningful gift from the company.
  • Every time the customer uses it, you get a refresh of brand memory; and in this case, a very positive one!

I’m stoked to read it and see what’ll inspire me first.

So ask yourself: what Classic Connecting Tactic am I employing, to thank and engage and build long-term supports, clients and fans?

Mail isn’t old school; it’s Classic. And it works.

And now, it’s lunch time.