Common Mistakes In Connecting

  1. Biggest mistake is the thinking that Networking = Connecting. It does not. Networking came along (modern version) with the intent to build “social capital.” That is, using your relationships to build your life. Connecting is way more than that, with a much bigger purpose.
  2. Connecting is about giving, not getting. You don’t connect to get something.
  3. The Giver’s Gain only works when everyone’s got a genuine vested interest in serving the other person. Otherwise, see #1.
  4. There is no “but” in Connectivity, only “and.”
  5. You’re responsible and accountable to yourself and your relationships – no one else owns that. You do.
  6. Card shoving is not Connectivity. Going to an event because you think you “have to” is BS. Shoving your card at someone per said mis/understanding is the death of Connectivity.
  7. Electronic tools and platforms are not Connecting; they are ancillary tools only. Nothing replaces in-person, real human contact, creating and developing real world relationships.

This is a short list. The Connectivity Canon covers what connectivity is and isn’t and you can get your own copy soon, here.

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