Connect With The Decision Maker

When you’re connecting with people whom you want to serve, one biggie to find out is this: Who’s the decision maker?

Allow me to expound.

Recently I was going back and forth, via phone calls & emails, with someone who expressed interest in a crazy free talk offer I put forth. (crazy free talk offer is on me here…)

The person inquiring had lots of good questions in the first conversation. We then proceeded to play ping pong, back and forth via email. Most times, there were more new questions. Fine.

Then, after about the 4th or 5th exchange, I reached my FIM.

So why am I sharing this?

The person I was talking with wasn’t the CDM, the Chief Decision Maker.

Oof…. No wonder I was feeling frustrated. It was my own fault! I’d neglected to realize or ask for direct access to the CDM.

That’s who I needed to be talking with; not an intermediary.

I needed to connect with the person [queue the movie music here] Who Makes the Final Decisions.

HUGE Aha! moment.

When you have to go through additional channels, when other people are involved where they perhaps shouldn’t be, then it slows things down, balls things up and frankly dissipates enthusiasm and protracts progress. Plus, think of the poor intermediary – running the timeconsumingerrands for the CDM.

You can quickly get lost in the miasma of unnecessary back and forth. And sometimes, like me, not even see it. It’s very disconnected. Not what anyone wants.

So, now that I recognize this valuable part of Connecting, I’ll still connect with all sorts of people, no matter what sway they hold, no matter their CDM status.

When it comes to qualifying who I can truly serve, however, I’ll really be honing in on who I should be talking with – who makes the decisions – versus who am I talking with already.

Connecting includes qualifying who has which conversations. Hope this helps you as much as it has helped me.

Resource: Here’s a helpful piece from Vistage on decision making

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