It’s a random summer weekday.

A Wednesday, in fact.

And on this random Wednesday, some friends came over for breakfast.

Now, it’s very normal for friends to come to my home for breakfast, brunch, dinner…what have you. I’m a dinner party come-join-us-for-a-meal Queen.

What’s different about today is that, well, it’s a Wednesday. And for ‘most people’ it’s a work day. So no having people over for breakfast first thing…. Usually we invite in the evenings for dinner or weekends for brunch. (Yes, you’re invited…)

Today was different because the friends who came over are moving to a different town. They’re shifting their lives forward. We’re happy for them and we’ll miss them.

Since we’ve spent many a morning meal together, lingering over delicious conversation and food, it felt right to have them over before they eased on down the road.

Connectivity is about our relationships with other humans.

It’s also absolutely about what activities we’re connected to.

What do we love to do? What do you enjoy doing solo? With others? Out and about?

Where matters too. Geography of connectivity is an elemental factor in How we feel the Why of being connected in that moment, with those friends.

Breakfast was lovely.

It was a fitting well-wishing send off until we visit and connect again (which we most certainly will).

I love to invite people to our home. To treat them, load on the love and hospitality, to see them completely enjoy themselves, knowing that someone else will be taking care of them.

The connectivity of what happens when we break bread together is magic.

I’d encourage you to invite people over, take care of them and fully enjoy the entire experience yourself. Like connectivity, it’s deeper, truly meaningful and fulfilling.

After all, if we simply wanted to eat, we can do that standing in the kitchen or at the campsite or in the airport concourse, alone. To truly connect with who and what is different than that. It’s better.

It’s living a connected life.